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Kirtland. Up and Moving.

Kirtland is getting fit on new and improved fitness trails

At Kirtland, we’re in the business of changing lives and this starts with our highly trained, knowledgeable faculty and staff committed to unlocking potential and preparing students for their future.  Clearly, we’re all about education and opportunity, but This Week @ Kirtland, we’re all about WELLNESS too! With all of the information in the news and … [Read more...]

What kind of jobs can an Emergency Medical Technician get?

EMT training at Kirtland

Emergency medical technicians and paramedics are first-responders. They often respond to 911 calls and take care of people in emergency situations. They give medical treatment to sick or injured people and take those patients to the closest medical facility.  No matter the circumstance, when an emergency strikes, emergency medical technicians and … [Read more...]

What classes are offered at Gaylord?

Some people think our Gaylord M-TEC location only offers skilled trades and industrial training.  Actually, since our Gaylord site is an extension of the college, it offers nearly everything we offer at the main campus.  Sure!  We’ve got great skilled trades training available, but there are also some pretty innovative classes are available at our Gaylord … [Read more...]

Kirtland Offers Certified Nursing Assistant Training in Tawas

Kirtland CNA Courses Offered in Tawas

Kirtland will offer its popular Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) course in Tawas in the Fall 2013 semester.  The six-credit-hour certification course, currently available at the Roscommon and Gaylord locations, is expanding to provide increased access to high-demand skills training in the growing healthcare field to the residents of Tawas and surrounding … [Read more...]

What is Mechatronics and Can I Get a Job?

Mechatronics diagram

What kind of jobs can I get with a degree in Mechatronics?  Great question – especially if you know what Mechatronics is and just how important it is to keep industrial or production facility operation systems running smoothly. Because mechatronics combines electronic, mechanical, computer and control skills, there are lots of available, good-paying jobs … [Read more...]