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Kirtland Receives Top Community College CNA Program Recognition

Kirtland CNA Program Receives Top Community College Recognition

Kirtland Community College’s Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program is distinguished as being one of the Top Community College CNA Programs in Michigan.  According to CNAClasses, an online education site providing comprehensive information for prospective CNA students, the goal of the “Top CNA Programs” list is to highlight the accredited educational … [Read more...]

How do I pay for college?

Money tree

Unless you’ve got a money tree, figuring out how to pay for college can be a little tricky.  Basically, you can pay for college one of two ways – or a combo of both:  Financial Aid and Scholarships. Seriously. Relax about the process. Our website makes it easy and our experienced staff members are ready to help. Applying for Financial Aid might feel … [Read more...]

So what IS an OAR?

Well, just like a boat uses a paddle, Kirtland’s OARs are designed to help get you where you’re going.  An OAR is an Orientation, Advising and Registration session and it helps prepare you to be a successful student. It’s designed for New Students, Homeschooled Students and Transfer Students and if you’re any one of these, you’ll be signing up for an OAR … [Read more...]

Kirtland Foundation Offering Homeschool Dual Enrollment Scholarships

The Kirtland Community College Foundation is offering new scholarships specifically for homeschooled dual enrollment students. Two $500.00 scholarships will be awarded for the fall and winter semesters for the 2013/2014 academic year, providing homeschooled high school students the ability to earn college credit while still completing high school graduation … [Read more...]

Kirtland. Pick up your OAR and start paddling.

Applying for admission and registering for an OAR is done easily online at

At Kirtland, there’s a lot of things we want you to BE. Be SKILLED. Be HANDS ON. Be IN HIGH DEMAND. Be SMART WITH YOUR MONEY. Guess what?  This Week @ Kirtland, we can help you on your path to success, but you’ve got to pick up your OAR and start paddling.  So maybe you’re thinking we’re a little late…weren’t the canoe races LAST week?  … [Read more...]