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Academic, Career and Personal Counseling

Counseling is an “interactional process.” This means that you and a counselor must work together and communicate with one another, sharing the responsibility for making the process successful. At Kirtland, the focus of counseling can be academic, career, or personal, depending on your needs.

Academic Advising

Working together with a Kirtland counselor, you can transform your needs, interests, values, and abilities into an attainable educational plan which will fit both your academic and career goals. You and the counselor can then work together to help you accomplish your individual educational plan.

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Career Counseling

You and a Kirtland counselor, working together, can determine your readiness to make the educational and occupational decisions that will eventually let you successfully enter the career field of your choice. Career counseling involves learning about yourself and about the world of work.

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Personal Counseling

A Kirtland counselor will help you explore, analyze, and work through emotional or behavioral problems that may be preventing you from feeling in control of your life or your relationships. An outcome of personal counseling can be your discovery of self-direction in solving your problem(s). Personal counseling is confidential.

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