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Academic Programs

Whether you would like to earn a certificate and enhance your credibility or specialize in an area of your current career with an associate degree, Kirtland has created programs geared toward your success.

Kirtland Community College programs of studyKirtland is unique because it offers you the ability to:

  • transfer, transfer, transfer
  • quickly and comfortably earn a certificate
  • apply technical training toward an associate’s degree
  • impress employers with your hands-on experience

Staff members at Kirtland have their fingers on the pulse of employment trends and continually improve program elements to match those trends. Kirtland delivers a priceless education for a reasonable investment in your future in these areas.

Academic Programs and Related Information

Kirtland degrees and certificates

Kirtland ONLINE degrees and certificates

Course descriptions

Program requirements (college catalog)

Course offering rotation schedule

List of Kirtland Faculty

Faculty Credentials

Mathematics Department

Need help deciding which path to take?  Kirtland career counselors can help.Academic Assessment

The academic assessment page Includes:

  • General Education Core Competencies
  • Student Outcome Assessment for Occupational Programs
  • Program Review of Instructional Programs

Academic Advising

Starting a program of study that will eventually lead to successfully obtaining a degree or certificate takes careful planning. You need the guidance of an academic advisor to be assured you are on the right track to a meaningful career. Visit our Academic Advising page for information on how to get help deciding.

If you’re having trouble deciding which program or degree to pursue…

We have academic and career counseling available to help you decide which career and/or degree is just right for you.