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Associate in Studio Arts Degree


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Do you dream of a future filled with art?  Kirtland’s Studio Arts program will help you hone your skills for personal enrichment or make your passion marketable — it’s up to you. Get your Associate in Studio Arts degree at Kirtland.

If you are thinking about taking your passion from a hobby to a legitimate career, Kirtland Community College’s Studio Arts program is for you.

Kirtland’s two-year transfer associate degree in Fine Arts — Studio Art includes drawing, painting, and sculpting. It could catapult your passion from a hobby to a legitimate career. You can polish your gifts at Kirtland and find work in the arts or create a business and sell your photos, paintings or sculptures. You could wind up working in an art or design studio, a shared studio/exhibit space or even your own home. Successful people do what they love for a living. You could do what you love more often, call it work and make a living because you have a college-level degree in your pocket.

Get your degree in Studio Arts from Kirtland Community CollegeYou could wind up working in an art or design studio, a shared studio/exhibit space or even your own home. It’s a fantastic opportunity if you’re exploring your potential, considering a job that only a four-year degree will secure, opening your own business, or simply looking for top-notch instruction.

Major four-year art colleges are clearly aware of the excellent instructors and remarkable art program at Kirtland. Some say they know when they have a Kirtland art student because of the high caliber of their work. Kirtland’s Studio Arts instructors are nationally accredited artists with major accomplishments. They have close relationships with four-year art colleges. They’ll encourage you to push yourself so you can compete for massive scholarships each semester. Kirtland Studio Arts students have received hundreds of thousands worth of scholarships during the last decade.

Four-year colleges that Kirtland Studio Arts graduates have attended include the College of Creative Studies in Detroit and the Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids.

Kirtland’s Studio Arts instructors will make sure you’re ready by working with you to:

  • pinpoint your strengths and map out a path for your future
  • identify and meet transfer requirements
  • compile your portfolio
  • find and apply for scholarships
  • gain field experience
  • learn about career opportunities in your area of interest

If it’s time to start turning your dream into reality, schedule a tour today and see for yourself.

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Students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university must consult with an advisor and carefully study the requirements of the four-year institution from which they intend to secure a bachelor’s degree.

Specific information about program and course requirements can be found in our College Catalog.

Kirtland Community College Studio Arts DegreesSome of the jobs related to our Arts programs:

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