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Associate in Theatre Arts Degree


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You might want to be in the biz or the star of the show. Either way, Kirtland’s Theatre Arts program will make you shine.  Get your degree in Theatre Arts at Kirtland Community College.

You’ll have an extensive list of jobs to choose from with a degree in Theatre Arts from Kirtland Community College. Employment opportunities in local schools, community theatres and social services organizations will be within your reach.

You may find yourself in a decidedly visible position or one behind the scenes at the Kirtland Center for Performing Arts as you prepare for your future as a:

  • narrator
  • news or sports director
  • play and script writer
  • costume designer
  • wardrobe worker
  • makeup and hair stylist
  • lighting or set designer
  • stage manager or
  • casting director

The Kirtland Center for Performing Arts theatre boasts an 846-seat theater and is the major cultural institution in Kirtland’s four-county district. It draws audiences and supportive patrons from across the state. You will gain real-world experience in the KCPA and enhance your classroom studies.

Get your degree in Theatre Arts from Kirtland Community College

As a Kirtland student, you will have chances to experience acting on stage, set design, directing, lighting and sound while you participate in Kirtland’s student-driven productions.  You’ll have the chance to work on KCPA shows and interact with professional touring artists. You very likely will either act in or be part of the staff for plays produced on campus several times each year.

With the Kirtland Theatre Arts program under your belt you could find employment in your own back yard as a school drama teacher, acting in or being an extra in a film shot on location or working in community theatre.

You might use your Kirtland Theatre Arts degree in a seemingly unrelated career and use theatrical programs to reach out to troubled kids as a social worker or professional counselor. A degree in Theatre Arts from Kirtland Community College will add credibility to your creative nature and help you thrive in a legitimate career you love.

An associate degree in Theatre Arts from Kirtland will help you become a better writer, teacher, producer, performer or counselor. Should you choose to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the future, you’ll have a strong foundation from Kirtland.

Kirtland’s program is solid, comprehensive and transferable. If you’d like to transfer to a four-year institution and work toward an advanced degree — or you need a humanities credit — your opening act should be at Kirtland.

Other transfer degree programs include:

Associate degrees

Kirtland Community College Theatre Arts degrees

  • Associate in Arts
  • Associate in Business Administration
  • Associate in Computers
    • Computer Science
    • Computer Information Systems
  • Associate in Criminal Justice – Generalist
  • Associate in Fine Arts
    • Creative Writing
    • Studio Arts
    • Theatre Arts
  • Associate in Science (Health Science, Physical Science and Life Science tracks)

Certificate and Special Certificate programs

  • General Studies

Students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university must consult with an advisor and carefully study the requirements of the four-year institution from which they intend to secure a bachelor’s degree.

Specific information about program and course requirements can be found in our College Catalog.

Some of the jobs related to our Associate in Arts program:

(click on the links for detailed information about each specific job/career and for job outlook information)

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