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Cosmetology Degrees

COSMETOLOGY: We’re located in the Career Technical Center (CTC)

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Shannon Weaver, Academic Advisor
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Want to have fun while you work? Cosmetologists make someone’s day every day!  Get your Cosmetology degree at Kirtland Community College.

Get your Costmetology degree from Kirtland Community CollegeCareer experts say that finding a job you love means you’ll never work another day in your life.

If you want to have a career that allows you to do something you enjoy while making money at the same time, cosmetology could be perfect for you.

You will be ready to thrive in one of the 10 most profitable businesses in the world if you choose Kirtland Community College’s cosmetology program. You’ll be a well-trained cosmetologist and your expertise will always be in demand.

Cosmetology is a part of the larger beauty industry. Regardless of the area of specialty you choose, you’ll be able to help people look their best. More and more customers are relying on a cosmetologists’ expertise to find the styles and beauty products that best suit their own unique characteristics.

Get a degree in cosmetogy from Kirtland Community CollegeIn Michigan, cosmetologists must graduate from a licensed cosmetology program, such as the program at Kirtland, and then pass the state board of cosmetology exam in order to earn the license that allows them to practice their profession.

Kirtland will prepare you to pass the state board of cosmetology exam and earn the license that will allow you to practice your craft in any of the following areas:

  • hairdresser, hair colorist
  • skin care specialist, makeup artist, nail technician
  • salon manager or owner, cosmetology instructor
  • product sales representative, creator of new products  or
  • a position with a beauty magazine

Kirtland’s state-of-the-art facilities will allow you to sharpen the skills you’ll need with hands-on training in one of the best cosmetology programs in Michigan.

You can take advantage of Kirtland’s flexible enrollment dates, including a double semester in the summer, and complete your cosmetology studies quickly.

If you choose to be a full-time cosmetology student, you can obtain your certificate in just 13 months. Kirtland will give you the credibility you need to make a career out of cosmetology.

2014-15 Program Costs

Cosmetology, CCIn DistrictOut of District
Tuition and Fees8,25010,500
Miscellaneous Expenses330330
Cosmetology, AASIn DistrictOut of District
Tuition and Fees12,10015,000
Miscellaneous Expenses450450
Esthetician, CSIn DistrictOut of District
Tuition and Fees3,7004,300
Miscellaneous Expenses

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  • Cosmetology


  • Cosmetology
  • Esthetician

Specific information about program and course requirements can be found in our College Catalog.

Dual-Enrolled Students

We welcome High School Students into our program. High School students may enter our program at any time (every 2 weeks), as long as they complete 96 contact hours.

Some of the jobs related to our Cosmetology programs:

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