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Get your Paraprofessional Education degree at Kirtland Community CollegeGreat school paraprofessionals have a gift — and a great education. Kirtland Community College will help you hone your gift of working with children in the classroom.  If you want to work with children in a school, we’ll get you started.

Get your Paraprofessional degree at Kirtland Community College.

A paraprofessional — often referred to as an aide — is a special-education worker who is not licensed to teach, but performs many duties both individually with students and organizationally in the classroom.

The No Child Left Behind Act expanded the qualifications required to become a paraprofessional. Paraprofessionals work in support of the teacher, and a certified, enthusiastic, well-prepared paraprofessional can make an enormous difference in the efficiency of a classroom.

Kirtland paraprofessional degreeThe paraprofessional program at Kirtland is tailored to those who want to focus primarily on courses that will provide direct benefit on the job. Most paraprofessionals who work in schools that receive Title I funds now are required to:

  • complete an associate’s degree or two years of study at an institution of higher learning, and/or
  • pass a formal assessment to demonstrate knowledge and ability to assist in reading, writing and math instruction

Kirtland’s Degrees provide the foundation you need to continue your education at a four-year college or university.  You will have the career skills needed in a variety of high-pay, high-demand industries with median salaries in Michigan that are higher than the national average! As a Kirtland student, we’ll prepare you for a good job with great pay — and getting there won’t break the bank.

Did you know community college costs are one-third the cost of a four-year university and offer all of the same general ed classes? Better yet — Kirtland’s in-district tuition rates are the lowest in the northern Michigan region. With Kirtland’s flexible course schedule it’s up to you!  Choose from day, evening, or online classes.  Take a single course or a full load.  It’s up to you.

Get a degree in education as a paraprofessional at KirtlandCollege is expensive! At Kirtland, we make it possible to plan for your future sensibly! You can earn a variety of Degrees closer to home and save thousands of dollars by eliminating dorm, food and other on-campus living expenses; learn valuable study and time management skills; get more personalized attention; and take more time to explore the career path that is right for you.

Choosing a college is an important decision. Kirtland’s required on campus and online learning orientations will prepare you to be a successful student. From applying for college to financial aid to registration, Kirtland has it covered.  Our Student Success Center is staffed with knowledgeable experts to guide you every step of the way and prepare you to realize your educational and career goals.  Our instructors are authorities in their fields. They have a collective reputation of being mentors and facilitators on and off campus. You will not be working in isolation; you will be actively learning, collaborating, problem solving, and discovering your career potential.

Great school paraprofessionals have a gift – and a certified, well-prepared paraprofessional makes an enormous difference in the classroom. If you want to work with children, we’ll get you started. Choose Kirtland’s paraprofessional degree and you’ll be making a difference in the classroom in no time!

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Students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university must consult with an advisor and carefully study the requirements of the four-year institution from which they intend to secure a bachelor’s degree.

Specific information about program and course requirements can be found in our College Catalog.

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