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HVAC/R Degrees

HVAC/R: We’re located in the M-TEC site in Gaylord

Phone: (989) 705-3600 | Fax: (989) 705-3602

Program Advisor

Luann Mabarak, M-TEC Director/Academic Advisor
(989) 705-3605


Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Looking for a hot career in a cool field? Consider becoming an expert in HVAC/R. Get your Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) Degree from Kirtland.

Environmental awareness, advancements in technology and consumer demand have made the HVAC/R industry extremely specialized. The field is expanding every day.

Get your degree in HVAC/R from Kirtland Community CollegeYou could become an expert in HVAC/ R with an associate’s degree or a certificate of completion through Kirtland Community College’s M-TEC in Gaylord. Kirtland’s trained and licensed instructors will deliver an individual training program that will allow you to prosper.

The specialized HVAC/R lab has modern equipment so you’ll be ready for whatever you may encounter in the field. Airtight building practices make the understanding of air movement and air system balancing more important than ever. Your specialized air and exhaust skills will make you a valuable employee or in-demand contractor.

Kirtland Community College HVAC/R DegreesIn the classroom and then in the lab you will learn everything necessary to make you competent in:

  • operation, maintenance and service of heating/cooling systems
  • blowers, purifiers, humidifiers, and air system balancing
  • exhaust methods such as chimneys, vents and flues
  • supply and make-up air

You can become an expert in heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration quickly and conveniently at Kirtland. The specialized HVAC/R lab has all the modern equipment you will see in the field. Kirtland’s combination of classroom and lab work will give you everything necessary to be competent in the operation, maintenance and service of heating and cooling systems. You’ll develop skills that are more important than ever because of airtight building practices. HVAC/R is a growth industry, wide open and expanding every day. Whether you choose an associate degree or a certificate, becoming one of Kirtland’s M-TEC students could be the beginning of your HVAC/R career.

Kirtland’s HVAC/R programs are offered in a non-traditional learning environment called FLEX (Flexible Learning EXperience). FLEX gives you the freedom to complete your coursework at your own pace. There is no traditional classroom schedule. You’ll learn your course content at your convenience. If you plan to continue to work full-time, you can complete all of your coursework during non-work hours.

If you choose to work toward your associate’s degree, you will receive graphics and computer-aided drafting training, as well as general education classes that will enhance your general knowledge and come in handy should you choose to transfer to a four-year university.

Ready to start learning skills so you can thrive in a new career? Kirtland is ready to make an expert out of you.

2014-15 Program Costs

HVAC/R, CCIn DistrictOut of District
Tuition and Fees8,60010,400
Miscellaneous Expenses100100

HVAC/R, AASIn DistrictOut of District
Tuition and Fees14,30017,500
Miscellaneous Expenses200200

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Partnership Programs

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Specific information about program and course requirements can be found in our College Catalog.

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