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Online Degrees and Certificates

Take the first step to earn your associate degree or certificate completely online at Kirtland Community College.

We know you’re busy. That’s why online education is the perfect way to improve your career skills and earn a degree without complicating your life.

Currently we offer the following complete online degrees and online certificates. Please note that we are rapidly expanding our online degree and online certificate offerings, so check back often for the most current list.

Associate Degrees:


Hybrid Certificates:

NOTE: Online degree programs may be completed by taking a combination of classes through Kirtland Community College and the Michigan Community College Virtual Learning Collaborative, allowing students to get their degree completely online from Kirtland Community College while paying Kirtland’s very affordable tuition rates.

Online and Hybrid Courses @ Kirtland

A hybrid course combines an online component with time in a traditional classroom setting, such as being on campus one day a week. That may vary, depending on the course.

Online science courses
We’re one of the few colleges in the nation (including four-year colleges and universities) that offers entire science classes online including an online lab.

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