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Online Science Courses

Kirtland’s science courses go global.
Classes. Lectures. Labs. All online!

Take your online science classes from Kirtland Community College.

What if you could have a lab shipped to you?
What if you could do every section of every lab experiment?
What if you never had to drive to campus?

Kirtland Community College online science classesYou’d save time, save money and be a more successful science student. Completing your Kirtland Community College science classes online means you can save money by:

  • Not buying gas for trips to campus
  • Reducing wear and tear on your vehicle
  • Not paying for childcare during class

Kirtland has created a college without borders. Kirtland has international students and out-of-state students that never have stepped foot on campus. These online students are taking advantage of one of the few colleges in the world providing online science courses.

Of the other colleges providing online science courses, most have virtual labs. Kirtland’s online science program is unique: Kirtland’s labs are not completed virtually; they are done at home.

Kirtland online science students order their labs from Kirtland’s Bookstore, just like they would a textbook. The lab kit includes a box of chemicals, equipment and CD lab manual. It is delivered right to their front door. The student’s lab kit, created by eScience Labs, is theirs to use again and again so they experience everything they can from their science lab requirement.

Take your science classes online from KirtlandKirtland online science students are reporting huge benefits of individual hands-on experience. Because their labs are their own, they are able to:

  • Repeat parts they have not completely grasped
  • Execute every part of each experiment (vs. dividing among classmates)
  • Share the experience with family members

Kirtland’s science instructors have decades of combined online teaching experience and deliver courses that often are more valuable than those in a traditional classroom. You’ll be able to ask questions without hesitation and will receive a direct response from your instructor.

Technology is everywhere you go. Your online science courses will prepare you for a career that likely will involve a digital notebook, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Forensic Science

The future is in distance learning and it has arrived at Kirtland. Let their savvy, passionate experts show you how it’s done.

You’ll go through a mandatory orientation so you’ll be ready for live chats, discussion boards, and downloading during your courses.

Why spend a ton of money taking courses at a university? Register for online courses at Kirtland and study when you schedule time.

View our current online science class offerings

“When lab tests are done in a classroom, people are getting up and leaving and the pressure is on. When you’re at home, nobody is leaving. There are no distractions whatsoever.”

— Michael, Kirtland online student

Kirtland Community College…education @ your fingertips