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Admission Process for Home Schooled Students

Welcome! We are excited that have chosen Kirtland Community College as you reach toward new heights in your academic future. At Kirtland Community College, we place a high value on students who have been educated at home. Your first step is to apply for admission as a freshman applicant.  We’re happy you are applying!

To become a student at Kirtland, you must do each of the following steps:

Apply for Admission to Kirtland, its FREE!

Submit a complete Kirtland application to the Office of Admissions.

Apply online for admission to Kirtland Community College

Regular admission is granted to:

  • Home schooled graduates at least 17 years of age

Conditional Admission is granted to:

  • Home school students under the age of 17 (students using college courses to enhance their home school curriculum are not considered dual/concurrent enrolled). Students in this category must have ACT test results or take Kirtland’s placement test.

Students may change their status to regular admission if they meet the requirements. A form is available in the Student Services office.

Additional admission requirements may be established for entry into specific programs and are developed in conjunction with state licensure/certification agencies.

Apply for Financial Aid

Request Transcripts

Home schooled students who have not taken courses through an organized agency which provides transcripts must be prepared to provide a list of all courses taken, graduation date, and have the document signed by the teaching parent/guardian and notarized.

The Office of Admissions will send you a letter of acceptance within ten business days. The letter will contain necessary information including your student ID number and your password for the myKirtland website.

Also included in your acceptance letter will be a transcript request form(s). It is your responsibility to have your high school and college transcripts sent to Kirtland for evaluation prior to registering for your classes. Have an official copy of your transcript(s) sent directly to: Office of Admissions, Kirtland Community College, 10775 N Saint Helen Rd, Roscommon, MI 48653. You are responsible for all fees.

Download the transcript request form

Provide Proof of Residency

All students are required to provide proof of residency of their current legal address. Residency proof must have student’s name on it and be submitted to the Admissions Office, before they can register for classes.

Acceptable proof includes: driver’s license, verifiable rent receipts (if rent receipts are not available, a notarized letter from the landlord will be accepted), a dated lease agreement, voter’s registration card, place of residence property tax receipt, or Secretary of State identification card. Verifiable rent receipts must contain all the following information: the address of the property being rented; the date of payment; signature, address and phone number of the landlord.

View the Kirtland Community College residency policy

Orientation, Advising and Registration (OAR)

All students NEW to Kirtland are required to attend an OAR session. During an OAR session, you’ll take a placement test that determines your placement in English and Math classes, meet with an academic advisor and register for classes.

Sign up for an OAR session

Determining Placement in English and Math

Questions should be directed to (989) 275-5000, ext. 284.

Take the COMPASS Placement Test

Incoming students with ACT scores – ACT test must have been taken within the past four years. Scores must be 21 or higher in English, reading, and math. If scores in these areas are lower, you will need to take the COMPASS Placement Test.

Meeting with an Academic Advisor

New students are REQUIRED to meet with an academic advisor. An academic advisor is assigned to you by your program of study. At the conclusion of your orientation session you will meet with an advisor prior to registering for semester classes.

Register for Classes

Once you meet with an academic advisor, you need to register for classes. New incoming students will register at the conclusion of their orientation.

Parental Consent Form

All students under the age of 18 must submit a Parental Consent Form with their application.

If you are 18 years old or older, you may skip this step.

Pay for classes

Please visit our payment due dates and options page for more information.
Please note – If you have not received your award letter from financial aid, you are still responsible for payment by the due date or you will be dropped from your classes.

Purchase Books

Visit the Kirtland Community College Bookstore, located in the student center, to buy books for your classes, along with Kirtland apparel and gifts. You can also visit the online eBookstore to view the books required for your course.

Go To Class and Get Involved

  • Be sure to check myKirtland to view your schedule and verify the times and locations of your classes.
  • Use the Campus Map to locate the buildings your classes are in.
  • Visit Tutoring and Student Success to see the resources that are available to you.
  • The Kirtland Community College Library is a great place to study and find resources to help with your studies.

Student ID Card

Pick up your student ID card in the Careers in Emergency Services office in the lower level of the Administration building. Student ID cards are issued at your request after the semester begins. Remember to bring a picture ID with you to pick up your student ID card and start using it to get discounts at local retailers!