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AQIP Action Projects

For further details of each of these action projects please visit and click on the Action Project Directory link in the left hand column.

Vision – To establish a framework for short- and long-term planning. Provide an avenue for stakeholders input in determining the future of the institution. (Retired January 2006)

Retooling Trust Through Effective Communication – Our goal is to create an environment in which everyone feels empowered to fulfill the college’s mission. We plan to rebuild trust by designing and implementing a transparent methodology for decision making, by communicating that decision-making methodology to the college and the community it serves, and by keeping all college constituencies informed in a timely manner. (Retired September 2007)

Commitment to Improving Environmental Conditions – This project will improve the physical environment in which our students learn. Providing a safe and comfortable physical environment will enhance teaching and learning processes on campus by reducing the distraction and discomfort experienced when conditions are too hot, cold, or noisy. (Retired September 2007)

Student Retention – The purpose of this action project would be to develop a comprehensive integrated system that employs data and outcome measures to retain students in course completion, term-to-term enrollment, and the student’s own goal completion. (Retired September 2008)

Respecting Earth’s Resources – Focus on solutions to help respect the natural resources of our area. Create a proactive approach to keeping individuals thinking green on a day-to-day basis (Retired February 2010)

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle Thru Fitness and Wellness – To promote a healthy lifestyle for all Kirtland students and employees, through fitness and wellness activities. To make Kirtland a leader in the local area in the national trend towards better fitness. To provide the tools necessary for all participants to be successful in a variety of ways, and at their appropriate level. We believe the goal is overall increase in productivity and morale. (Retired September 2009)

Quality Online Program Initiative – An Online Committee consisting of administrators, faculty and technical support staff will be formed to spearhead an improvement effort in our online course offerings. Goals of the committee are to investigate technology enhancements, implement standards using the Quality Matters model, supply a support structure, and increase faculty involvement. (Active)

Quality Homework Assignments – The college’s staff and administrators are divided into “quality teams”, provided with some basic quality improvement knowledge (flowcharting and PDSA cycle) and asked to identify a project that they have control of that can be improved. The project does not have to involve the whole team but can be broken into appropriate workgroups or departments within the group. Sort of like mini – Action Projects for everyone. The faculty are also working on individual quality projects to improve student learning in their classrooms. (Retired March 2010)

A Taste of Kirtland – A collaborative effort to increase awareness and appreciation for the work everyone does on campus with the primary goal of helping students learn. (Active)

Mandatory Use of Kirtland Email – Implement the mandatory use of Kirtland’s email accounts in order to improve communication. (Active)