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Quality Checkup Visit 2009

The Quality Checkup Site Visit will affirm the accuracy of the organization’s online Systems Portfolio and verify information included in the Portfolio that the last Systems Appraisal has identified as needing clarification or verification. To do so, the evaluator will identify, before the visit, 8 – 12 items or issues from the Systems Portfolio to verify or clarify, and identify a potential strategy (whom to interview, what records to inspect, etc.) that would serve to resolve these questions. During the visit, the evaluator will conduct spot checks following this agenda, and will summarize findings using a form provided by AQIP, a copy of which will be presented to and discussed with the organization before the conclusion of the AQIP Quality Checkup Site Visit. A major goal of this component of the visit is to provide the organization with information that will enable it to modify its Systems Portfolio to be a more effective, more credible, better-understood presentation of the organization’s processes and performance results.

Quality Program Summary (PDF)

Kirtland Federal Compliance Report (PDF)

View the quality checkup site visit report (PDF)

For detail on Quality Checkup Visit please visit the Higher Learning Commission AQIP web site at and click on the Quality Checkup Visit link in the left hand column.