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Want to get involved and make connections at Kirtland?

Kirtland has lots of organized groups and ways for you to connect and contribute. Your choice(s) should simply be driven by your interests and how involved you really want to be. If you’re at all inclined, consider at least one of Kirtland’s ways to connect: Student Senate Student Ambassador Program Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society Rising Phoenix … [Read more...]

Do you like making people look and feel great? Make it a career!

Cosmetology degrees at Kirtland

If you like all things beauty, you really should consider a cosmetology program. It’ll give some credibility to your natural gifts and make your dream of making others look great come true. You’ve probably been cutting hair or doing nails for friends and family for a while now. Maybe you’re even dabbling in all the newest makeup trends. People outside … [Read more...]

Want a job working on computers?

Do you love technology, but wonder whether or not you really can get a job working on computers? You really can. In fact, you could create a lifelong and lucrative career as a computer expert. You even can consider several paths. Think about what you like to do most as you weigh your options. How much human interaction do you want? In what type of a … [Read more...]

What does college cost?

Completing your college courses at a community college instead of a four-year school can make a big difference if you are: looking for an affordable way to earn college credits want a degree that will easily transfer to a four-year college or university need to be more valuable in the workplace now thinking about searching for a better job Community … [Read more...]

What about financial aid and scholarships?

Well, financial aid is available, but most students miss the chance. They’re worried about the: seemingly overwhelming process paperwork exposure of their finances (or mom and dad’s) Our financial aid experts are ready for you. If you want to make an already affordable college even more affordable, go through the process and see — otherwise, you’ll … [Read more...]

How do I pay for college?

Money tree

Unless you’ve got a money tree, figuring out how to pay for college can be a little tricky.  Basically, you can pay for college one of two ways – or a combo of both:  Financial Aid and Scholarships. Seriously. Relax about the process. Our website makes it easy and our experienced staff members are ready to help. Applying for Financial Aid might feel … [Read more...]

So what IS an OAR?

Well, just like a boat uses a paddle, Kirtland’s OARs are designed to help get you where you’re going.  An OAR is an Orientation, Advising and Registration session and it helps prepare you to be a successful student. It’s designed for New Students, Homeschooled Students and Transfer Students and if you’re any one of these, you’ll be signing up for an OAR … [Read more...]

What kind of jobs can an Emergency Medical Technician get?

EMT training at Kirtland

Emergency medical technicians and paramedics are first-responders. They often respond to 911 calls and take care of people in emergency situations. They give medical treatment to sick or injured people and take those patients to the closest medical facility.  No matter the circumstance, when an emergency strikes, emergency medical technicians and … [Read more...]

What classes are offered at Gaylord?

Some people think our Gaylord M-TEC location only offers skilled trades and industrial training.  Actually, since our Gaylord site is an extension of the college, it offers nearly everything we offer at the main campus.  Sure!  We’ve got great skilled trades training available, but there are also some pretty innovative classes are available at our Gaylord … [Read more...]

What is Mechatronics and Can I Get a Job?

Mechatronics diagram

What kind of jobs can I get with a degree in Mechatronics?  Great question – especially if you know what Mechatronics is and just how important it is to keep industrial or production facility operation systems running smoothly. Because mechatronics combines electronic, mechanical, computer and control skills, there are lots of available, good-paying jobs … [Read more...]