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Home for the Summer? Be Our Guest!

With summer just around the corner, you’re probably thinking about how you’ll spend your time during some of the finest days northern Michigan has to offer.  If you or your student is attending a four-year college or university, the sun-filled days of summer may find you working, travelling, or just passing time until the fall semester begins.  This Week @ Kirtland, you’re invited to be our guest – a Guest Student, as a matter of fact.

Guest Students earn college credit at a fraction of the cost

Guest Students earn college credit at a fraction of the cost

Registration for Kirtland’s summer and fall semesters is now open.  As a college student home for the summer, if you are looking for a class or two to help you stay on track – or even get ahead of the game – take time to check out what Kirtland has to offer.  At our locations in Roscommon, West Branch, Gaylord and completely online, we have the math, psychology, sociology, history, economics and various science classes you need to pick up a few extra credits this summer.  

Coming home for the summer is great, and the convenience, flexibility and affordability Kirtland provides is a perfect combination for Guest Students.  Plus, Kirtland’s in-district tuition rate is one-third the cost of the four-year schools – that’s a huge savings.  And don’t worry, Guest Student credits transfer to your school!  Stay on track AND save money?  A win-win situation for sure!

Being our Guest is easy:

  1. Obtain a Guest Student Application from the college or university you are CURRENTLY attending
  2. Provide proof of residency
  3. Obtain Letter of Acceptance
  4. Satisfy pre-requisite courses
  5. Register for classes
  6. Pay for classes
  7. Purchase books
  8. Go to class and get involved
  9. Get your Student ID card


Advisors in Kirtland’s Student Success Center can start you on the way to being a Guest Student this summer.  Talk with an advisor, get registered…and get ready to enjoy the rest of your summer!

No matter where you call your northern Michigan home, you are welcome to be our Guest!  Learn more at

High school students earn credit through dual enrollment

High school students earn credit through dual enrollment


But wait…there’s another kind of guest we love at Kirtland!  Did you know high school students can earn college credit through dual enrollment?  If you’re interested in finding out how you can earn college credit while still in high school, meet with your school counselor to get your dual enrollment form completed.  Another important thing to know – many high schools may pay for some or all of the college tuition costs.  Plus, applying for dual enrollment admission at Kirtland is FREE!  Check out to learn all about dual enrollment!

So, whether you’re a college student home for the summer or a high school student with your sights set on college, Kirtland offers some great opportunities to earn college credit.  Be our Guest!  You’re always welcome @ Kirtland.

To learn more about the programs, advising, testing, financial aid and other services available to students, contact 989-275-5000, extension 258, or visit us online.  And, as always, you are invited to drop in and check us out at, follow us on Twitter at, and like us on Facebook at

Your future.  It’s closer than you think.  And it all begins @ Kirtland!