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Warning Signs

Behaviors that may relate to potential threats

  • Poor workplace relationships marked by a pattern of unusual verbal conflicts or emotional outbursts
  • Acts of insubordination (a pattern of unusual acts of disobedience)
  • Blaming others for his/her life’s difficulties
  • Indications of substance abuse (physical decline, behavior swings, tardiness, forgetfulness, anxiety attacks)
  • Subtle acts of intimidation (a pattern of posturing, overbearing behavior)
  • Marked decline in hygiene/appearance
  • Fits of rage and angry outbursts (screaming/yelling, swearing, wild violent gestures)
  • Veiled threat of violence (statement or behavior that implies an intent to harm or predicts that bad things are going to happen to an individual)
  • Flashing a weapon
  • Expressions of persecution/paranoia
  • Obsession with a grudge or “injustices” towards a specific individual or management
  • Expressions of extreme desperation over recent family, financial, or personal problems
  • Fascination with workplace violence (likes to discuss incidents of violence and condones it)
  • Preoccupation with weapons (frequent discussions about weapons and their use)