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Mechatronics is an Emerging Skilled Trade with Promising Jobs Outlook

Kirtland is the only place to receive hands-on Mechatronics training using the most current equipment in the northern Michigan. Plus, projected job outlook is also tremendous, as the National Council on Competiveness estimates that 100 million new jobs will be produced this century for workers skilled in multiple disciplines – something mechatronics definitely requires.

Electronic, mechanical, computer, and control skills coalesce into the budding career path within mechatronics. No, mechatronic isn’t the name of a new Transformers villain, but an industry that specializes in the repair and maintenance of manufacturing equipment, operation systems, and the related computer programming components that keep businesses … [Read more...]

Find a Foot-in-the-Door Opportunity with Kirtland’s Latest Healthcare Degree

Medical assistants are engines of a physician’s office as they make sure things keep running smoothly. It’s also a position ripe for growth, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasting 29% growth through 2022.

At Kirtland Community College, one of our newest programs is a tremendous foot-in-the-door opportunity for those interested in the healthcare industry. Our Medical Assistant program is a two-year degree, which prepares students to perform an array of duties in ambulatory care settings – like administrative and clinical skills. During the program, … [Read more...]

An Automotive Technology Degree Opens More Doors Than You Think

As a nationally certified ASE/NATEF training program, Kirtland offers one of the top auto mechanic training schools in Michigan.

The infiltration of advanced technology is changing the operation of many career paths. Many may think of an automotive technician as someone under a hood all day, however technological improvements have made it so they’re also often working with computers. The automotive industry has a robust variety of career options, and Kirtland’s Automotive … [Read more...]

Add up biz degree benefits

Business Degrees at Kirtland

There are naturals, and then there are experts. If you’re a natural at business, why not become an expert? The credibility factor is huge. You might rock at sales. Keeping track of income and expenses may be as easy as breathing. But when it comes to what it takes to create, manage and grow a successful business, the learning curve can make or break a … [Read more...]

How the Emergency Medical Services Program Promises Job Opportunity

Job outlook for emergency medical technicians and paramedics is promising. Public safety is always an important issue, and this career path puts you on the front lines of emergencies.

There’s a common misconception about the Emergency Medical Services industry, which is also one of our newest program offerings. When an ambulance goes whirling by you in traffic on its way to an emergency, it’s not merely an ambulance driver behind the wheel, but a highly trained emergency medical technician or paramedic capable of treating and stabilizing … [Read more...]

Why college matters

There’s been a lot of chatter about college, careers and money lately. If you’re in your late teens or early 20s, the chorus of your elders debating the issue probably sounds like blah, blah, blah. The uncle without a degree makes tens of thousands more than his bachelor-degreed wife. You probably have walked away from conversations like that. Now, it’s … [Read more...]

The Medical Field Is More Than Just Treating Patients

Health Information Technology became a prominently growing career path within the medical field. It’s one of Kirtland’s newest health sciences program and it's available entirely online.

Record keeping is a critical aspect of the medical industry, and the digital shift is changing how hospitals retain those records. That shift also set off changing federal requirements in how they are maintained. From these shifts, Health Information Technology became a prominently growing career path within the medical field. And it’s one of Kirtland’s … [Read more...]

Nursing and Surgical Technology’s Ever-Growing Job Outlook

The job outlook in health careers, including Nursing and Surgical Technology, is ever-growing. Kirtland has the programs you need to jump start your future.

The demand for nurses grows rapidly as our population lives longer. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting a 26% nursing job growth rate, rendering 526,000 new jobs. Consider an additional need for 525,000 nurses to replace those retiring or leaving the field, and the need for new nurses by 2022 exceeds a million. This promising job outlook … [Read more...]

Fighting heart disease: an inside job!

Cardiac Sonography Degree

Looking inside someone’s heart can make a world of difference. What if you could do that and make great money at the same time? If you like the idea of working in the healthcare field and are comfortable with science and technology, you really should look into cardiac sonography. It is a procedure that uses ultrasound imaging to diagnose … [Read more...]