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Nursing and Surgical Technology’s Ever-Growing Job Outlook

The job outlook in health careers, including Nursing and Surgical Technology, is ever-growing. Kirtland has the programs you need to jump start your future.

The demand for nurses grows rapidly as our population lives longer. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting a 26% nursing job growth rate, rendering 526,000 new jobs. Consider an additional need for 525,000 nurses to replace those retiring or leaving the field, and the need for new nurses by 2022 exceeds a million. This promising job outlook … [Read more...]

Fighting heart disease: an inside job!

Cardiac Sonography Degree

Looking inside someone’s heart can make a world of difference. What if you could do that and make great money at the same time? If you like the idea of working in the healthcare field and are comfortable with science and technology, you really should look into cardiac sonography. It is a procedure that uses ultrasound imaging to diagnose … [Read more...]

Bowling goes big league at Kirtland

Rare is the person who doesn’t enjoy bowling from time to time. Those who are crazy about it are birds of a feather. Kirtland Community College is adding bowling to athletics, making the longtime pastime the real deal for students: Firebirds are about to bowl in the big league. Kirtland hired Dean Speer to coach the team. The West Branch resident owns … [Read more...]

Have a flair for business and marketing?

Business degrees at Kirtland

Some people just don’t fit in a business or marketing setting. Others thrive there. If you’re thinking about where to apply your talents, maybe it’s time to get down to business with a Business and Marketing degree from Kirtland. You’ll develop the skills you need to kill it in this constantly morphing marketplace. Kirtland’s business degrees and … [Read more...]

Nursing. Just what the future ordered!

Nursing degrees at Kirtland

Healthcare is growing. The population is aging. Hospitals are hiring. You could be working. Everybody knows that nurses are in demand — and the pay is really good, but it takes a special person to be a nurse for the long haul. You will be employable in almost any community you choose to live in throughout your lifetime if you become a nurse. If you’re … [Read more...]

Auto techs are superheroes

Auto techs are superheroes

When someone needs their vehicle fixed, it’s usually an urgent situation. If you know how to do it, and get it done quickly, you earn superhero status. People with vehicles drive for lots of reasons. They: don’t rely on public transportation need to get to work have to take the kids somewhere (everywhere) None of it can wait. Most people can get … [Read more...]

Are you the type to work in Emergency Medical Services (Paramedic)?

work in emergency medical services

If you’re looking for a career that means something in the big picture, Emergency Medical Services will make a difference for you—and all the people you help along the way. It is possible to have a career that is rewarding, reliable, and financially sweet. Now is the perfect time to do something about it. Not everybody has what it takes to be an EMT or … [Read more...]

Considering a career in computers?

Careers in Computers at Kirtland

If working on computers and enjoying a long, stable, financially rewarding career keeps sliding into your thoughts, now would be a good time to pay attention—and act. Who knows what will happen in the future, but by the looks of things, computers will be here at least for your lifetime. People have more computers and spend more time on all things computer … [Read more...]

Can you really do science online?

You can do science labs online at Kirtland

Through Kirtland you can! We’re still one of the very few colleges in the world that offers entirely online science classes with online labs. How does it work? Obviously your classes and lectures all are online — and you do your labs at home. Everything else is online. Your labs are shipped to you. You do every section of every lab experiment (vs. … [Read more...]

Is college looking expensive?

Transfer degrees at Kirtland

Maybe you’re not looking in the right place! It doesn’t have to be. The cost of community college can make life so much easier as you work toward the future you see. Having a college degree on your radar is smart; statistics still show it makes a big difference during the course of a lifetime, not to mention the quality of work you’ll be able to do vs. … [Read more...]