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Can EMTs increase income with paramedic certification?

If you’re already an EMT, you can become qualified to take the certification test and add paramedic to your credentials. It’s a great — and pretty simple — way to improve your net worth and employability.

You can put the wheels in motion by going to Kirtland Community College and take just the courses you need to qualify to take the national certification test.

Paramedic CertificationOur paramedic training fulfills the standards of the National Registry of EMTs. Once you complete the course, you’ll be ready to test at the National Registry for National Certification.

There is a new state law in Michigan that requires paramedic training through a community college. Before this law was enacted, you could get your training through the EMT department for which you work, but that’s no longer the case.

The law has formalized and standardized paramedic training requirements. You’re going to need to do something — and deciding to do something is your first step. Kirtland will help you figure out the rest so you can make it happen.

We make sure every EMT in good standing is ready to take the necessary certification tests. We are committed to supporting you on your path so you can focus and get what you want out of your career.

If you’re considering adding paramedic certification to your EMT status, pumping up your resume or adding to your job title, consider this post your final nudge.

It just takes a second to make a decision. If you’re there, go here to get started:

If you’ve discovered this blog post because you are thinking about becoming an EMT, Kirtland does offer an Associate Degree for EMS. For details, visit degrees.


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