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Kirtland Offers $10 Computer Classes in Houghton Lake

Kirtland Community College’s Community Education Department is partnering with the Roscommon County Commission on Aging (RCCOA) to bring two popular informational computer courses to community members in Roscommon and surrounding counties.  “Cut, Copy & Paste” will be offered on Monday, October 28, and “Facebook – Social Media” will be held Thursday, November 6.  Both courses are being held at the RCCOA on 2625 South Townline Road in Houghton Lake and the cost for each is only $10.

Kirtland Community Education Offering $10 Computer Courses

Kirtland Community Education Offering $10 Computer Courses

“Cut, Copy & Paste” will help computer users to develop the ability to copy, cut, and paste information from one place to another.  In a three-hour class, participants will learn how to select information, copy or cut the amount you want, and how to paste in a new location. You will also learn how to drag a letter, a word, a paragraph, or a whole page to a new location. The course looks at both words and images and shows you how to crop away extra material. The keyboard, the mouse, and the clipboard are examined.

In a separate three-hour class, participants will be introduced to the social media program, “Facebook.”  You will start with Facebook and what’s needed to start a Facebook profile.  The class will then look at:

Finding friends

Your timeline

Understanding your newsfeed

Adding picture

Video chatting with others

Sending and receiving private messages

Setting up groups

How to use Facebook on a phone or tablet

How to stay safer on Facebook

Both classes are offered at a pace set for adults and seniors and laptop computers are available for all participants.  An overhead computer projector will enable you to see examples on the screen, giving you the opportunity to try the training exercises, and how to use the skills you learn on either your own computer or a local public access computer.  Kirtland Community Education Director Clay Horton will be the instructor and brings over 25 years of teaching experience to these classes.

For more information on either computer course, contact Kirtland Community Education at 989-275-5000, extension 279 or the Roscommon County Commission on Aging at 989-366-0205.

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