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Accommodations Checklist

The following services are available to students who have completed the process for applying for services.  Appropriate accommodations will be decided upon and an individualized plan developed. This plan can be changed if needed if proper documentation is provided. It may be necessary to obtain additional information depending on the circumstances. Students can choose not to take advantage of recommended accommodations.

Support services are determined in consultation with the student and directly related to the documented disability on file. Instructor Notification Letters are prepared to assist students to communicate accommodations to faculty.

Accommodations and services may include:

  • Sign Language Interpreting
  • Testing Accommodations
  • Note Taking
  • Alternative Textbooks
  • Seating Accommodations
  • Lab assistants
  • Emergency evacuation assistance
  • Orientation to grounds/facilities

Motorized scooters are available for temporary use.

The Office of Student Support Services does not provide personal attendant care or transportation.