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Do you like making people look and feel great? Make it a career!

If you like all things beauty, you really should consider a cosmetology program. It’ll give some credibility to your natural gifts and make your dream of making others look great come true.

Cosmetology degrees at KirtlandYou’ve probably been cutting hair or doing nails for friends and family for a while now. Maybe you’re even dabbling in all the newest makeup trends. People outside your inner circle might hesitate to let you work your magic on them if you don’t hold a certificate or degree of some sort. And without your own license, you won’t be able to land a spot in a salon…or maybe even open up your own.

If you live in—or want to practice cosmetology in—Michigan, you’ll have to graduate from a licensed cosmetology program. Then you’ll need to pass the state board of cosmetology exam. Only then will you have earned the license that will allow you to officially and legally practice this line of work.

If you go this route, you will be working in one of the 10 most profitable businesses in the world. Hair grows; so do nails. Styles change. Your expertise will be in demand forever and ever.

The license you earn will allow you to practice in some or all of these areas:

  • salon manager or owner
  • cosmetology instructor
  • product sales representative
  • creator of new products
  • hairdresser, hair colorist
  • skin care specialist
  • makeup artist
  • nail technician or
  • a beauty expert in the magazine industry

You could have your certificate in just 13 months if you decide to become a full-time cosmetology student at Kirtland. Find out more about one of the best cosmetology programs in Michigan via the Cosmetology Program section of our website:

And, hey, if you want to check out a career in making people look and feel great, take some time for yourself and come pamper yourself in our salon on the Roscommon campus with services including cuts, color, manicures, waxing and more! The salon is located in the Roscommon campus’ Career Technical Center (CTC). Call for more information or to schedule your appointment: (989) 275-5000, ext. 216.


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