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Hungry for Some Extra Credit? A Little Pampering? It’s All for a Good Cause.

If you haven’t met Kirtland student Eleanor Brockway yet, you should!  As she pursues her RN degree at Kirtland, Eleanor also serves the school and fellow students as a Student Ambassador and makes it a priority to help others.  This Week @ Kirtland, find out how Eleanor dreamed up a plan to make a big impact on the Kirtland Student Food Pantry.


Kirtland-Brockway-Food-for-CreditIn 2010, Eleanor received her LPN from Kirtland.  She is now studying to earn her RN degree.  As part of her Student Ambassador duties, she spends a lot of time working in the Student Food Pantry and started thinking about how to increase student participation.  As she put it, “I thought it would be cool for students to help other students and the Food Pantry is a perfect way to do it.”  So, she “cooked” up a proposal serving a two-fold purpose:  increase donations to the food pantry and give nursing students a way to earn some extra credit.  In an email to the Interim Dean of Instruction, the nursing faculty, and fellow student ambassadors, Eleanor proposed:


Hello to my valued faculty! 
I am writing you to ask for your help.  As a Kirtland Student Ambassador, I have worked closely with Jo Ann Gave in the Kirtland Food Pantry.  I have felt joy in seeing people’s donations and organizing the pantry’s shelves.  As I organized and restocked the Food Pantry shelves I would ask myself, “How can I help to get even more students involved?”  Then Jen Siezputowsi inspired me.  I remembered while in Jen’s A&P class a few years ago, we were given an opportunity, in the form of an assignment, to create an affordable and healthy grocery shopping list for the women of the River House Shelter.  We were studying nutrition at the time.  This seemed to be a perfect way to give to our community and become more aware of healthy food selections all at once.  The beautiful gesture was not forgotten.  Attached is a proposed extra credit assignment that perhaps you might feel appropriate for your students.  If interested, feel free to alter the form for your teaching needs.  I will be happy to pick-up any donations that your classes might bring in, to take to the pantry.  Please let me know when and where I can do this.  Please send this e-mail along to any instructor, that I have not included, that might be interested.  Thank you for your time and have a wonderful semester!


Kirtland-Student-Food-PantryThrough the approval and support of the nursing faculty, the program has been a huge success already.  Students in Nancy Pavelek’s classes alone contributed a whopping 183 pounds of canned goods and non-perishable food items.  In total, the nursing students and faculty have have brought in 217 pounds of donation so far!


“When I was stocking the pantry yesterday, it occurred to me that I now have to sub-categorize our vegetables section – we only had one group – VEGGIES – before,” said Eleanor.  “This really hit home for me.  The idea of faculty partnering with students so students can help other students is really blossoming.”  Eleanor will graduate this semester but hopes the initiative will continue in future semesters.  “It would be very cool to see “donations for extra credit” become a competition between faculty members and the classes they teach,” she added.


Scholarships are another important resource for students are scholarships.  The Kirtland Community College Foundation funds approximately 10 different scholarships each year and relies on your support to provide and grow the scholarship funds available to students.  Foundation staff Lynne Ruden and Katie Tisdale hosted a “Women’s Day Out” event this week, bringing women and vendors from throughout Kirtland’s service area communities together for an afternoon of fashion tips, salon pampering, healing energy workshops, chair massages and much more.


Kirtland-Womens-Day-EventEntry to the event was “by donation” and all proceeds benefitted the KirtlandF general scholarship fund.  More than 150 attendees enjoyed a wide range of health, beauty – even wine! – displays and generously contributed over $1,500 to the scholarship fund.  The Kirtland Foundation extends a huge thank you to the vendors and presenters contributing to the success of this event.  More than 30 local business owners donated time and over $2,000 worth of services, products and money-saving coupons to support the Kirtland Foundation.  A special thanks to West Branch’s Tanger Outlet for an additional donation of over $2,000, self-help presenter Darcy Lewis for leading energy healing workshops, and local musical legend Joel Sheltrown, who provided music to set the tone for an afternoon of relaxation and pampering!


Food and pampering.  Two things everybody needs…and shouldn’t go without!  Remember, no matter what the amount, when you support Kirtland’s Student Food Pantry or the Foundation scholarship funds, you are helping to provide the stepping stones leading to one’s successful future.  That’s better than a good cause…that’s a GREAT cause!

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Your future.  It’s closer than you think.  And it all begins @ Kirtland! 


  1. monica davis says

    Good afternoon. I was reading your article and I would like to propose a similar program here at my school. If possible, can you email me the proposed extra credit assignment?

    Thank you,


    • Public Information Office says


      We will be happy to share the assignment with you! Please check your email and thanks for your interest.