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Rifle/Pistol Firing Range

The Rifle/Pistol Firing Range is open to the public, as well as law enforcement agencies.


  • The Kirtland firing range includes a 25-yard pistol range, a 115-yard rifle range and shotgun range. The bench area is covered and lighted, and target stands/backers and shooting rests are provided.
  • Persons using the range must provide their own firearms, ammunition and targets, as well as hearing and eye protection.
  • Range rules will be strictly enforced at all times.
  • A “range master” will also be available at all times, for your convenience.

Range Fees:

Individuals may use the Kirtland Rifle/Pistol Range for $7 per day, or purchase an annual pass for $55. Also, an event fee will be charged for groups using the range for an organized activity.  Enforcement agencies are encouraged to contact the Careers in Emergency Services office for additional information regarding range fees.

Photo ID:

A photo ID will be provided by Kirtland to private individuals with payment of range fees and will be required for subsequent use of the college’s range facilities.

Range Hours:

For the Kirtland range schedule and hours, please click here.

For more information, please contact the Public Safety Office at (989) 275-5000 ext 348 or by email at