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Firing Range Rules

Kirtland Firing Range Rules

  1. FIREARMS SHALL always be pointed in a safe direction.
  2. FINGERS SHALL remain outside of the trigger guard until ready to shoot, or as otherwise directed by an instructor or range officer.
  3. THE ACTION shall remain open and the firearm unloaded until the user has taken his/her place on the firing line, and the range has been cleared for live firing.
  4. NO LIVE firing shall take place except as directed by the range officer. The range officer will advise of the commands to be followed for live firing.
  5. FIRING MAY continue until a predetermined time period has elapsed or until all participants have completed the prescribed course of fire.
  6. ALL FIRING shall immediately cease when directed by the range officer, or upon any individual calling for cease fire.  Unless otherwise directed by the range officer, unload, open the action, remove the magazine, and ground and/or bench all firearms during a cease fire, unless in possession of a misfire.
  7. A SHOOTER experiencing a misfire shall keep the firearm pointed down range, alert the range officer, remove the finger from within the trigger guard, and wait three minutes.
  8. NO ONE shall proceed down range until the range officer has declared “range clear.”
  9. DO NOT handle any firearms while others are down range.
  10. THE RANGE shall only be used at times permitted by the college, by individuals and groups authorized by the college, and only in the presence of a range officer as authorized by the college.
  11. ALCOHOL IS prohibited on the college premises, and tobacco products are prohibited at the firing line. Anyone appearing under the influence of alcohol or drugs, legal or otherwise, shall not handle a firearm on the premises.
  12. NO FOOD or beverages shall be placed or consumed on the firing line while firing is taking place.
  13. EFFECTIVE EAR and eye protection are required.  A billed cap is recommended. Open, loose-fitting clothing that a hot casing could drop within is not recommended.
  14. IF IN possession of more than one firearm requiring different ammunition, use one at a time and keep the others stored and their respective ammunition type separate from what is in use.
  15. THE RANGE officer has the right to inspect any firearm or ammunition for safety issues at any time, and to prohibit the use of any firearm or ammunition deemed unsafe.
  16. ALL ADULTS using the range must be able to present identification and/or documentation allowing the range officer to verify that they or any minors under their responsibility are enrolled in a firearms class, have purchased range privileges, or are otherwise authorized to use the range.
  17. THE COLLEGE reserves the right to conduct background checks on any user in accordance with state law to verify they are lawfully permitted to handle firearms.
  18. THE RANGE officer has the authority to warn, and to suspend the range privileges of any individual who violates the rules of the range. Appeal of any suspension may be directed in writing to the college dean responsible for firearms instruction, within ten (10) business days of the suspension. The dean or their designee will investigate and respond within ten (10) business days.  A suspended individual may then appeal to the college president within ten (10) business days. The decision of the president is final.

For more information, please contact the Public Safety Office at (989) 275-5000 ext 348 or by email at