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Food Pantry

News article from published on 4/14/2014:  Hunger grows among college students

Great news, Kirtland students!  The Kirtland Student Food Pantry will now be open Monday – Thursday every week of the month while classes are in session.

Students are finding it harder and harder to concentrate on getting an education when working on empty stomachs.  Sometimes it comes down to feeding their families or buying gas to get out to campus.  We are here to help.   We cannot solve every problem, but we might make it a just a little bit easier to continue your education.  Without a degree, there is no escape from these tough economic problems.

The food pantry has help me out in a number of ways. Sometimes I only have enough money to make ends meet. Certain comforts or necessities sometimes get left out. The food pantry has helped me out by giving me those comforts and necessities when I cannot afford to buy them myself. The food pantry helps feed myself and my family each month when money is tight. I am very grateful for the food pantry and so are my younger brothers. Getting food and necessities from the pantry helps take a bit of stress off myself and lets me focus on other things, besides worrying about my food budget.

“I would like to share my experience with the Kirtland Food Pantry. The food pantry was such a blessing for my son and me. As a single mother, our food budget often gets quite tight towards the end of the month. Being able to use the food pantry for a supplement really helped us. I would pick up my son from the Warbler’s Nest, we would take our shopping bag into the “store”, and my son would help pick out our groceries. There was always a large selection of items to choose from, and we used everything we “purchased” from the pantry. Jo Ann was always very kind and discreet. The pantry is always very clean and organized. We feel very comfortable using this service, and are extremely grateful for the donation of items. Also, when we are able, we donate items for the pantry in the boxes placed around campus. The Kirtland Food Pantry is such an asset to students. It is just another way that shows how Kirtland cares and helps its students. I applaud the efforts of Jo Ann and the others who donate their time and efforts to this cause. I hope the pantry will continue to benefit the students at Kirtland.”

Location and Hours of Operation

The Student Food Pantry is located in the lower level of the Administration Center next to the elevator.

Fall, Winter & Summer Semesters:
Noon – 4 pm – Monday – Thursday.

Contact Information

Jo Ann Gave
Student Services Office
275-5000, ext. 289

Student Eligibility

To apply for food bank assistance, students must be currently enrolled at Kirtland and must show a current Kirtland ID card.  There will be no exceptions.  Students will be required to fill out a brief intake form online (located below) with basic information prior to visiting the pantry; however, all visits to the pantry are tracked only by Student ID and anonymity is always protected. Students must show current Kirtland ID at every visit.

To obtain food from the pantry, you must go to the student services office located in the administration building.  Check-in with the staff (we will verify you are a currently enrolled student and that you have your current Kirtland ID), we will then take you to the food pantry.  The staff will no longer be seated in the food pantry awaiting students.

>> Fill out the application online

Taking from the Pantry

Students are able take advantage of the pantry once a month to obtain various non-perishable food items.  The food selection is dependent on what has been donated at any given time.  Students will be given a recyclable grocery bag at the first visit and are responsible to bring back this or similar bags for any future visits to the pantry.

Donating to the Pantry

Would you like to join Kirtland’s cause by helping our students become successful by nourishing their minds and bodies in times of need?  Donations are accepted in the Student Services Office, in the INS building and Student Center.  If you would like to make a monetary donation, please make your check out to the Kirtland Foundation, with the “Student Food Pantry” written in the memo line.  Donations are tax-deductible and a receipt will be issued.  Checks may be given to Jo Ann Gave in the Student Services Office.

Our Want List

Canned meat – tuna, chicken, turkey, beef stew, beans & franks, etc.
Peanut Butter
Granola bars
Pasta and sauce
Toilet paper

No glass containers for donation

“I believe my education is important to me today, but it is hard to concentrate on the class when I worry about my kids. Any piece of help is working to make my studying easier. Now, every month I can get some food for my family at college’s food pantry. I thank Kirtland people who care about students like me, who open the food pantry and help us to survive.”

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