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Course Descriptions

Honors students can earn honors credit in the several ways:

Honors Option Courses

Each semester Honors Program students may take selected regular Kirtland courses for honors credit. Along with completing all of the regular work assigned in the course, honors students may earn honors credit in these so-called “honors option” courses by completing one additional faculty-designed contact hour of work in a special “honors track” in the course. See the class schedule each semester for a list of the available “honors option” courses. Click here for further details. Prerequisite: admission to the Honors Program.

HON-225 Honors Project (V) 1-3 (Variable)

A significant project over and above the normal course requirements which may be undertaken in any regular Kirtland course. The project may involve the student in primary or secondary research, writing, internship, service learning opportunities or other possible activities. All proposed Honors Projects must be approved by the Honors program Committee. Projects may be from 1-3 credits, but only a total of three credits in honors projects may be applied toward the honors degree. Prerequisite: Admission to the Honors Program, permission of instructor, and the Honors Program Committee.

CAR-20099 Honors–Service Learning Project (V) 3 (3-0)

An individual service learning project that combines volunteerism and academic course work. Students will develop a project to meet their individual goals. Students will have four class meetings during the semester, dates and times to be announced Students interested in the course should see the Service Learning Coordinator. May be taken once for honors degree credit. Prerequisite: admission to the Honors Program.

The Kirtland Honors Program schedules occasional orientations and meetings for honors students to discuss program requirements, program news, and student concerns. Attendance at these meetings is strongly encouraged.