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Ready to feel comfortable in college? The welcoming environment at Kirtland is by design. The atmosphere is warm because of its people, not its buildings.

You’ll feel comfortable at Kirtland because Human Resources partners with supervisors to post jobs for and lead interviews with the amazing people that end up working here.

You may find that you, a friend, neighbor or relative may want to work at Kirtland. The only way to do that is to match what Kirtland values in its employees:

  • teamwork and camaraderie
  • creativity and flexibility
  • enthusiasm
  • strong customer service skills

The staff members in Kirtland’s HR department have created a culture that is anything but institutional by valuing employees and believing every person’s job is an important part of the success of Kirtland.

Enjoy your time at Kirtland — and thank HR for their work in attracting, screening and retaining quality people.

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