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Associate Dean of Technical Programs

The associate dean assumes responsibility of instruction at Kirtland Community College. The associate dean is concerned with improvement of curricula and instruction, professional development, budget preparation and management, data analysis, and strategic planning.

This position has responsibility for technical programs and instruction at Kirtland Community College.  Major responsibilities include developing new programs, evaluation of programs and faculty, budget preparation and management, collecting data and using it to make programmatic decisions, planning, and scheduling of courses and staff.   The associate dean is expected to represent the college in matters of occupational instruction and to work with all employees.


Provides for and promotes sound instructional and curricular planning on a semester, annual, and long-range basis for assigned occupational programs.

Supervises faculty members in assigned occupational programs.

Participates in and promotes projects that enhance instruction and help the division to achieve annual goals and objectives which are a part of strategic planning

Supervises planning of the semester course schedule

In collaboration with others, is responsible for recruiting, selection, orientation and evaluation of faculty — both full and part-time

Develops budgetary proposals and manages academic budgets throughout the academic year

Provides recommendations that ensure that instructional facilities, equipment, and supplies are adequate and in a suitable, safe state for use

Works with the faculty to periodically review programs and curricula and coordinate curriculum development activities

Establishes and maintains the objectives and standards of online and extension programs in accordance with strategic directives, institutional policy and procedures, and as established by the laws of the state of Michigan, applicable licensing agencies, Michigan Department of Education, and the Kirtland Community College board of trustees

Responsible for needs assessment, membership/participation in professional organizations, advisory committees and relationships with coordinating agencies.  Works with the faculty to obtain and maintain appropriate accreditations for all assigned occupational programs.

Facilitates the promotion and marketing of instructional programs and courses

Participates in the counseling and disciplinary process as outlined in the student handbook and Kirtland’s academic appeal policies and procedures.

Through appropriate college channels, promotes media recognition of instructors and students to enhance the image of programs and the college

Communicates actions and decisions of the board of trustees and administration to instructional personnel

Participates in meetings of the instructional council (IC) and curriculum and instruction committee (CIC) as well as other meetings that are deemed appropriate

Acts as the college’s AQIP Liaison with the Higher Learning Commission and its accreditation requirements

Provides leadership and direction for Workforce Development efforts

Involves faculty in strategic planning

Serves as a liaison between faculty and the dean as well as between faculty and college administrative team (CAT) in regularly scheduled meetings

Supports and helps implement professional development activities

Performs other related tasks as required.


SUPERVISION – Works under the supervision of the dean of instruction.


  • Master’s degree in Educational Administration, Instructional Design, or other technology related field
  • Demonstrated leadership experience within the past three years
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in continuous quality improvement strategies
  • Three years of instructional experience, or combination of education and experience commensurate with the requirements of the position
  • Technology, multimedia, and distance education experience
  • Practical working knowledge of online courseware and systems
  • Ability to effectively supervise and direct professional instructional staff
  • Ability to work effectively with others in an academic environment

JOB DIMENSIONS – Knowledge of work, delegation, planning and organization, impact, performance results, persuasiveness, self-reliance, negotiation, attention to detail, work standards, sensitivity, stress tolerance, technical/professional self development, initiative, judgment, analysis, commitment to the college, teamwork, decisiveness, informal communication, written communication, dependability, influence, presentations


Kirtland Community College is an equal opportunity employer

* This job description is intended to describe the type and level of work being performed by a person in this position. It is not an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities required by a person so classified.