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Director, Business Programs and Workforce Development

Serves as the director of the Kirtland Business Program and is responsible for the organization and oversight of all programs, projects, workforce development collaborations, internships, and activities related to the program and workforce development initiatives. Is responsible for Business Program curriculum development, program evaluation, grant supervision, budget management, program faculty recruitment and development, and coordinating and monitoring the not for credit (fee based) adult and youth based classes as well as contract training and education services offered by the College to business, industry, government, and nonprofit agencies.


Coordinates the planning, administration, and development/revision of business, OIS, and related courses, pursues accreditation and collaboration opportunities

Conducts annual review of business program offerings, reviews and assesses evaluations, seeks input from faculty and the business advisory committees.

Recruits qualified facilitators to provide C.E. and workforce development training to meet the high standards of industry expectations

Assists in recruiting instructors and recommends employment, ensures high quality, student-centered, effective learning environments

Directs curriculum development and evaluation, assures student learning outcomes are clearly defined and addressed for all programs and workforce development training

Develops business and professional relationships, performs regular site visits to ensure quality placement of internships, assess potential job placement and workforce development opportunities,assists in job placement

Evaluates program instructors; meets regularly to ensure satisfaction and clear communication of expectations, supports professional development activities

Actively seeks business relationships that expand the outreach of the college, develops training opportunities for workers and employers, and supports student opportunity and success

Manages budgets for workforce development and the business program, participates in strategic planning

Teaches a minimum of 3 credits but not more than 8 in the Business Program during the fall and winter semesters

Performs other related tasks as required

Attendance – This position requires flexibility in work schedule according to the needs of the business program, prospective clientele and the requirement to work closely with college support and instructional staff.   May at times require evening and/or weekend activity and travel.

Working Conditions – Conditions may vary from a typical office or classroom environment to those of an industrial fabrication facility, outdoor construction site, or other operation. Individuals in this position must be cognizant of student’s understanding and progress, able to communicate effectively with students and associated professionals, and able to operate technical equipment in a modern classroom or online environment. Individuals must further be able to access varied worksites while observing all OSHA safety standards, be able to communicate effectively with a variety of client personnel, and undertake regional travel under occasional late night and/or poor weather conditions.

SUPERVISION – Works under the general supervision of the vice-president for instruction


  • Master’s degree in business or related field
  • Three to five years’ experience in business or project management, with instructional experience, or combination of education and experience commensurate with the requirements of the position
  • Proficiency in standard office and instructional software applications
  • Effective interpersonal and communications skills
  • Valid driver’s license

JOB DIMENSIONS – Knowledge of work, delegation, planning and organization, impact, performance results, persuasiveness, self-reliance, negotiation, attention to detail, work standards, sensitivity, stress tolerance, technical/professional self-development, initiative, judgment, analysis, commitment to the college, teamwork, decisiveness, informal communication, written communication, dependability, influence, presentations


Kirtland Community College is an equal opportunity employer

* This job description is intended to describe the type and level of work being performed by a person in this position. It is not an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities required by a person so classified.