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Director of Nursing

Provides leadership and supervision for Nursing programs which includes, Licensed Practical Nursing (Level I) and Registered Nursing (Level II). Responsible for curriculum development, program evaluation, grant supervision, budget planning and monitoring, faculty recruitment, supervision, and evaluation. Position also includes a minimum of 4 credits per semester of teaching responsibilities in the fall and spring semester, as an adjunct faculty member (no more than 8 credits) in the Nursing programs.


Teach a minimum of 4 credits per semester in the fall and spring semester, in the Nursing Program. (This is part of normal salary and does not receive additional load payments).

Plan and administer all nursing courses in accordance with institutional, Michigan Board of Nursing, NLN-AC and Department of Public Health requirements.

Direct and coordinate the student selection process for admission to all Nursing programs.

Assist in recruiting full-time and part-time instructors for all credit courses and recommend employment of instructors.

Supervise full-time and part-time faculty to include:

  1. Instruct newly employed, full- and part-time instructors in their teaching duties and offer guidance for the improvement of instruction.
  2. Support and helps implement professional development activities.
  3. Assume responsibility for calling meetings of nursing instructors with a minimum of three meetings per semester.
  4. Insure that standards are set and maintained for course objectives, course content, examinations, and grading practices.
  5. Conduct clinical site visits for all faculty, at least once per year.
  6. Responsibility for the organization and implementation of appropriate in-service faculty training programs including adjunct faculty orientation.

Direct curriculum development and evaluation to include:

  1. Coordinate the development/revision of nursing courses, including catalog descriptions, prerequisites, and course outlines. Conduct an annual review of nursing program offerings and prepare necessary evaluations of the program with recommendations for changes and deletions.
  2. Obtain approval from the Michigan Board of Nursing (MBON) for major nursing curriculum changes.
  3. Coordinate and disseminate the nursing program review process and the annual report for the MBON.
  4. Become an active member and participate in the Michigan Council of Nursing Education Administrators (MCNEA).
  5. Responsible for assuring that student learning outcomes are clearly defined and addressed for all nursing courses.

Work with the faculty to obtain and maintain accreditation for the nursing programs.

Conduct nursing advisory committee meetings at least once per year.

Assist Dean of Instruction with planning course schedules for nursing.

Manage budget for nursing programs.

Participates in the counseling and disciplinary process as outlined in the student handbooks and Kirtland’s academic appeal policies and procedures.

Participate in meetings of the instructional council (IC) and curriculum and instruction committee (CIC) as well as other meetings that are deemed appropriate.

Involve faculty in strategic planning.

Serve as a liaison between faculty and the dean.

Serve on the Emergency Preparedness Committee.

Performs other related duties as assigned by the Dean of Instruction.

SUPERVISION – Works under the general supervision of the Dean of Instruction

ATTENDANCE – Individuals in this position are expected to be generally present and/or available for college business or instructional purposes when and as required by contract, policy, or reasonable direction of the dean of instruction.  Regular personal visitations of clinical sites is an essential job function.

WORKING CONDITIONS – Conditions are those of a typical college administrative office and classroom.  Individuals in this position must be able to work effectively with individuals of diverse personalities and outlooks, and varied skills and abilities.  A high level of performance in all job dimensions is essential.  In the classroom, the person in this position must be cognizant of student’s understanding and progress, able to communicate effectively with students and associated professionals, and able to operate technical equipment in a modern classroom or online environment.


  • Master’s degree in Nursing required.
  • Unrestricted licensure as a Registered Nurse in Michigan required.
  • A minimum of three (3) years’ full-time work experience as a Registered Nurse required.
  • Experience in nursing supervision/management preferred.
  • Teaching experience in nursing instruction preferred.

JOB DIMENSIONS – Knowledge of work, delegation, planning and organization, impact, performance results, persuasiveness, self-reliance, negotiation, attention to detail, work standards, sensitivity, stress tolerance, technical/professional self development, initiative, judgment, analysis, commitment to the college, teamwork, decisiveness, informal communication, written communication, dependability, influence, presentations.



Kirtland Community College is an equal opportunity employer

* This job description is intended to describe the type and level of work being performed by a person in this position. It is not an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities required by a person so classified.