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Part-time Facilities Assistant

Provides support services to the director of facilities management.  Responds to customer requests, dispatches work to facilities management staff, resolves problems, coordinates a variety of department projects and activities.  Provides detailed record-keeping for department analysis.


Interacts with campus employees and outside contacts to provide information and respond to a wide range of customer requests.  Uses judgment and makes decisions to dispatch work to appropriate facilities management staff.  Communicates with staff via phone, voice mail, pagers, radios, and e-mail to provide customer service, coordinate schedules, and solve problems.

Determines appropriate methods for storing and retrieving information for record-keeping and reporting.  Creates databases and/or spreadsheets to collect, compile and tabulate data for department analysis and administrative reporting.  Works closely with the director of facilities management to provide data for analysis and efficiency of campus services.

Responsible for coordinating the collection and removal of hazardous waste materials from campus.  Maintains regulated manifests, provides documentation, prepares and submits annual reports for state agencies such as DEQ, MIOSHA, and the health department.  Obtains and maintains MSDS sheet for campus and works closely with 3E Company ensuring MSDS compliance; provides contact information to campus employees.

Assists director of facilities management with the preparation of the departmental budget, maintains detailed records of budget expenditures, reconciles records with monthly budget reports, initiates purchase requisitions and maintains inventories for department supplies, equipment, and services, and assists in the procurement of materials.   Reviews and approves invoices for campus operations.

Operates the access key security system.  Maintains audits and generates reports, ensures accuracy and integrity of system.  Monitors and makes recommendation of key assignments.  Follows up with customer requests.

Composes original correspondence including letters, memos, reports, charts, etc.  Updates the deferred maintenance plan.

Creates and maintains computer graphic maps of building systems such as fire prevention, alarm devices, HVAC locations, evacuation routes, and special project documents.  Maintains digital files for historical record and warranties of facilities problems such as roof leaks, etc.

Prepares departmental bid requests, collects sealed bids, and conducts professional bid openings for recurring services.  Composes and edits contracts and specifications, distributes documents, notifies construction houses and vendors of projects and results.  Updates and maintains current certificates of insurance for contractors and vendors.

Maintains and creates departmental files including historical and current documents, blue prints, OSHA, employee records, special events and calendars.  Maintains and prepares construction and project management document files.  Uses project management software to assist the director of facilities management in planning campus projects.

Maintains inventories of capital and expense purchases, chemicals, supplies, and other facilities management supplies and/or equipment.

Actively participates as a member of the campus safety committee.  Coordinates agendas, prepares materials, takes minutes and prepares and distributes campus safety newsletter.

Responsible for coordinating the collection and testing of campus water wells.  Creates schedules, orders supplies, communicates with DEQ and the health department, and prepares and submits annual water quality reports.

Coordinates the use of college fleet vehicles.  Distributes keys, documents usage and assignments, verifies drivers are on the authorized driver list, ensures safety and maintenance of vehicles, and maintains database on the use and repair of vehicles.

Maintains fuel oil and propane storage volumes and records necessary for heating campus buildings.  Obtains bids, compares costs, performs analysis, and places orders as needed.  Prepares reporting documents showing usage and annual comparisons.

Coordinates the scheduling and records of state-mandated and inspections on boilers, elevators, fire systems, sprinklers, kitchen hoods, etc.

Utilizes the SchoolDude campus work order system and preventive maintenance software for work orders, preventive maintenance, inventory, and facility scheduling.

Performs other related tasks as required.

SUPERVISION – Works under the general supervision of the director of facilities management.

ATTENDANCE – Individuals in this position are expected to be available during the peak business hours of the college.

WORKING CONDITIONS– Conditions are those of a typical office environment, requiring frequent communication with external vendors and colleagues, the ability to enter data and written communications in electronic format in a timely manner.


  • Associate degree in business, office administration or a related field
  • Three to five years of related experience, or a combination of education and experience commensurate with the requirements of the position
  • Minimum of 60 wpm typing
  • Proficiency in word processing and database software and ability to learn and use a variety of personal computer software

JOB DIMENSIONS – Analysis, judgment, planning and organizing, sensitivity, attention to detail, knowledge of work, teamwork, work standards, initiative, informal communications, written communications, dependability, commitment to college.


Kirtland Community College is an equal opportunity employer

* This job description is intended to describe the type and level of work being performed by a person in this position. It is not an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities required by a person so classified.