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Vice President of Business Services

This is an administrative position responsible for managing the business and financial services of the college.  This position exists to be an enabler or supporter for other administrators and department heads, helping them determine how to accomplish their objectives and thereby providing a supportive foundation for organizational success.  As the college’s chief financial officer, this position provides collaborative financial management leadership for the college; ensures the short and long-term fiscal health of the college; oversees the business practices of the college; and ensures that the budget is linked to and supports the college’s strategic plans.


Financial Reporting and Planning

  • Prepares and maintains long-term financial forecasts for all of the college’s funds.  Monitors both short and long-term internal and external financial and operational developments to ensure that forecasts are current and accurate.
  • Contributes to the college meeting its strategic objectives by assisting administrators and department heads in conducting financial analysis of current and proposed activities.
  • Monitors the college’s financial condition and provides budget information to budget supervisors.  Oversees preparation of monthly financial statements for the college and M-TEC (Michigan Technological Education Center located in Gaylord, MI).
  • Reports the financial condition of the college to the board of trustees, the M-TEC advisory board, other governmental agencies, and the college president and administrators on a regular basis.
  • Establishes, coordinates, maintains, and systematically review the process for financial evaluation of the college instructional and non-instructional programs and activities; serves as a resource to college personnel in determining the cost effectiveness of current and proposed initiatives.

Budget Preparation

  • Oversees preparation of the annual budget whereby organizational needs are identified, consensus on priorities is obtained, and translates the consensus into a financial plan.
  • Develops procedures that integrate business and strategic planning into the annual budget process.
  • Monitors external events and developments to ensure that budget preparation incorporates the most current information.
  • Uses a forecasting model to predict student enrollment.

Investment, Cash and Debt Management

  • Monitors cash flow.  Oversees investment activities to ensure appropriate supply of cash at highest possible yield on idle funds while complying with statutory limitations on types of investments.
  • Serves as an advocate for the college with rating agencies to ensure the highest possible rating for the college.
  • Coordinates and monitors debt issuance with external financial advisors, bond counsel, etc.
  • Ensures the timely collection of all accounts receivable.
  • Monitors cash reserves to provide maximum practical protection.

Business Services

  • Provides oversight and advice regarding college financial risk.
  • Coordinates the purchasing activities of the college, including contract management.
  • Participates in, and researches data for collective bargaining/negotiation activities.
  • Ensures that the college is in compliance with financial regulatory, legal, administrative, collectively bargained, contractual, procedural, and accounting standards.

General Supervision and Management

  • Helps others be productive, grow professionally, and meet the needs of the college.
  • Identifies, recommends, and implements appropriate/necessary training and professional development for self and staff reporting to the position.
  • Practices continuous improvement; conducts and oversees work activity to increase efficiency of and improve the effectiveness and productivity of assigned areas.

Public and Intergovernmental Relations

  • Serves as an advocate for the college’s interests.  Represents the college by speaking to and making presentations to external groups who have the capacity to influence/affect the college’s successes.
  • Maintains positive and productive relationships with federal, state, and local officials who interface with the college.

Service Excellence

  • Works collaboratively with other administrators and department heads; serves as an internal consultant.
  • Provides leadership to assigned areas by focusing planning and execution to help college management and the organization succeed and improve productivity, particularly by providing stakeholders with effective information, support systems, resources and business solutions.
  • Creates and maintains a customer service culture, program, orientation and focus for assigned areas.  Monitors departmental activities and customer satisfaction with service delivery; identifies and implements appropriate improvement measures.


  • Supports college-wide management activities and and contributes to their success.  Serves as an advocate for and representative of management’s interests and position.
  • Represents, explains, and advocates management’s position when interacting with others.
  • Provides support and advice to the Kirtland Community College Foundation in the areas of investments, financial management and fund raising.
  • Identifies the need for changes in policies, procedures, and processes and takes initiative to implement within assigned area of responsibility or make recommendations for change to responsible party.
  • Provides input into state and national legislative activities that impact higher education finance and the finances of the college.
  • Assists the president in developing and interpreting data relating to student services to ensure programs correlate with community needs.
  • Performs other related tasks as required.

Performs other related tasks as required.

SUPERVISION – Works under the general supervision of the College President.


  • Master’s degree in accounting, business, or related field.
  • Three to five years experience in a supervisory role in a college business office, or combination of education and experience commensurate with the requirements of the position.
  • Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with college faculty, staff, administrators and governing boards.
  • Experience in operational and strategic planning, policy development, and financial analysis
  • Ability to effectively communicate ideas and information in written and oral format to administrative staff, professional colleagues, governing boards, and the general public in large or small group settings

JOB DIMENSIONS – Knowledge of work, impact, quality improvement, self-reliance, work standards, teamwork, technical/professional self development, written communication, oral presentations, delegation, performance results, negotiation, sensitivity, initiative, analysis, decisiveness, dependability, planning and organizing, persuasiveness, attention to detail, stress tolerance, judgment, commitment to the college, informal communication, influence


Kirtland Community College is an equal opportunity employer

* This job description is intended to describe the type and level of work being performed by a person in this position. It is not an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities required by a person so classified.