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Vice President of Instructional Services

This is an administrative position responsible for providing leadership and management for all of instruction. The dean displays positive and supportive relationships among all divisional staff and within the Kirtland Community College community. He or she displays a commitment to the belief that teaching and learning are the most important activities conducted and that the college exists primarily to benefit students. The dean must possess and demonstrate the attitude that every instructor or staff person can be successful, and utilize the authority of the position to ensure that success.


Leads the instructional division in upholding its mission, vision and goals.

Supervises the associate deans.

Actively involved in environmental scanning of issues that impact the instruction at the college.

Provides faculty with appropriate professional development opportunities.

Serves as chair of the curriculum and instruction committee (CIC) or appoints an associate dean. Is responsible for decisions related to instruction and curricula.

Represents instruction within the college by serving on committee such as instructional council (IC) and the college administrative team (CAT) and other college committees as assigned by the president.

Along with the associate deans, is responsible for developing the semester class schedule.

Along with the associate deans, is responsible for developing the budget for the instructional division.

Supervises the coordinator of the honors program.

Responsible for maintaining a collaborative relationship with COOR, through attendance at various forums, promotion and coordination of course offerings in their various programs (CTE, VESEP, Adv. VESEP, 4th grade MEAP enrichment, 8th graders), and cooperation in state funded programs such as Tech Prep and Perkins.

Responsible for the college assessment program.

Responsible for maintaining a collaborative relationship with state and other outside agencies. Specifically serves as the reimbursed occupational administrator as specified in the Dean’s Guide to Federally Reimbursed Community college Occupational Programs, Michigan Department of Career Development.

Performs other duties as assigned by the president.

SUPERVISION – Works under the general supervision of the college president.


  • Master’s degree in educational administration, education, or related field
  • Three to five years experience as an instructor
  • Three to five years of experience in a college administrative position, or combination of education and experience commensurate with the requirements of the position
  • Proven record of initiating and implementing collaborative community and education partnerships
  • Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with college faculty, staff, administration and governing boards
  • Demonstrated leadership in campus operations and instructional administration

JOB DIMENSIONS -Knowledge of work, impact, self-reliance, work standards, technical/ professional self development, teamwork, written communications, oral presentations, delegation, performance results, negotiation, sensitivity, initiative, analysis, decisiveness, dependability, planning & organizing, persuasiveness, attention to detail, stress tolerance, judgment, commitment to college, informal communications, and influence.


Kirtland Community College is an equal opportunity employer

* This job description is intended to describe the type and level of work being performed by a person in this position. It is not an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities required by a person so classified.