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Student Employment Job Opportunities

The job descriptions provided below are intended to describe the type of work to be performed or qualifications needed by a person in this position. It is not an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities required for the job.

Applicants seeking work should contact the human resources office at (989) 275-5000, ext. 239 or 271.

Current Student Employment Openings

Registrar Office Assistant
Location:  Roscommon campus (ADM – Administration Center)
Contact:  Renae Klee, Assistant Registrar, 989-275-5000 ext. 291

Responsibilities:  Office assistant. Scan and index files into student’s electronic record system. File official transcripts in the appropriate place within the vault. Discard files after they have been appropriately scanned into a secure shred bin. Maintain accuracy and integrity of all student records. Comply with FERPA regulations and maintain confidentiality of all student records. Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications:   Typing skills, detail-oriented, must have good verbal and communication skills yet able to work independently.  Secretarial experience preferred.  Preferred program of study:  Office Assistant or Word Processing

This position is for a minimum of 10 hours per week, maximum of 20 hours a week. The person in this position will preferably be available for training at the end of Winter 2015 semester, work in the Summer 2015 and Fall 2015 semesters, and beyond that if still a student.   Compensation:  $8.15 per hour


Disability Services Assistant
Location:  Roscommon campus, variable locations (Student Success Center, classrooms, or the library)
Contact:  Jules Brown, Student Success Center, 989-275-5000 ext. 280

Responsibilities:  Students are needed to serve as aids for students with disabilities who are registered with the Student Success Center – Disability Coordinator. Hours are flexible depending on the class schedule of the student and the needs of the SSC.  Duties include the following as needed:  Class note taking (note-takers must have good note taking skills and legible handwriting if not using technology to take notes), scanning, editing, and creating information into alternative format for students with text disabilities, and/or attending classes with disability student as assigned.

Qualifications:   Must be able to work Mondays and Wednesdays during the Winter, 2015 semester, other days are flexible.  Must work in a professional manner with access to confidential and other data types, organized, reliable, and punctual.  Excellent communication skills, ability to learn and dispense new information (both technical and procedural) ability to focus and stay on task, and work with minimum guidance.  Experience with Microsoft Office products:  Word, Excel, Powerpoint.  Ability to lift 30 pounds.  Minimum 3.0 G.P.A.

May work up to 20 hours per week around your class schedule.  Compensation:  $8.15 per hour


Peer Tutor:

Location: Tutoring Department (Library Building)
Supervisor: Deb Shumaker, ext. 235

Responsibilities: Meet individually or in a group session to help students successfully master course work with tutoring assistance. Help students develop good study skills for the tutored course(s). Recognize success and identify ways to improve. Require students to actively participate in tutoring sessions. Maintain documentation of services and record student progress. Communicate student progress or problems with instrustor and/or tutoring staff.

Qualifications: Relate easily and sensitively to students as well as be friendly, approachable, a good listener, and a good student role model. Have good communication skills and above average knowlede of subject(s) being tutored. Obtain the recommendation of an instructor in the subject in which you wish to tutor. Have completed the course(s) with a B+ or better. Maintain average or above average performance in all classes during the same time you are working as a tutor for Kirtland. Attend tutor training sessions and maintain professional work ethic and dress.


More Information About Student Employment

Visit the Financial Aid Student Employment page for more information about student employment including student employment requirements, handbook and employment forms.