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What does Mechatronics mean? You’re going to get a job as a Facilities Technician or Industrial Technician! Get your Mechatronics Degree from Kirtland.

The energy surrounding the field of mechatronics is unmistakable. Tom Brokaw has done a piece on it. Mike Rowe of the TV’s Dirty Jobs testified in front of the U.S. Senate about it. What is it? Combining mechanical and electrical skills, the field of Mechatronics is creating a new degree of greatness in America by creating jobs in a variety of industries. Plus, it just sounds cool!

Kirtland Community College is ready to give you the training you need to take your skills to the next level. Kirtland offers two Associate in Applied Science degree programs to prepare you for this rapidly growing industry. If you are interested in becoming a facilities technician in a school or hospital setting, check out the Mechatronics Facilities Technician degree. Are you interested in a manufacturing or production facility instead? Kirtland’s Mechatronics Industrial Technician is the degree for you. Either way, the Facilities Technician and Industrial Technician AAS degrees are designed to start you on your way to a high paying job in a growing industry.

Kirtland Community College mechatronics degreesMechatronics has been identified as one of the 10 emerging technologies that will change the world. The U.S. Department of Labor listed mechatronics as a new and emerging “green jobs” growth area and part of an in-demand industry cluster specializing in the repair and maintenance of manufacturing equipment, operation systems and the related computer programming components that keep businesses operating efficiently and cost effectively. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for mechatronics is bright through 2018. Plus, the National Council on Competitiveness estimates that 100 million new jobs will be created in the 2lst century for workers skilled in multiple disciplines. Mechatronics technicians fit this multi-disciplinary/multi-skilled requirement and can expect an annual salary around $50,000.

Kirtland’s Mechatronics Facilities Technician degree prepares you to operate and maintain the systems and equipment that keep hospitals and schools running smoothly. Your mechatronics training will cover the essentials of HVAC, mechanical, electrical and computer-driven systems run smoothly. You’ll be trained to read, analyze, program and correct all of the critical operating systems within the facility.

Kirtland’s Mechatronics Industrial Technician program will give you the skills for entry-level positions in automation-related jobs including robot installations maintenance, automation equipment installation, troubleshooting, maintenance and PLC programming. You’ll know how to install, maintain and repair the mechanical, controls, fluid power systems, electrical and electronic equipment in a wide variety of fields and industrial settings.

Whether you choose facilities tech or industrial tech, with Kirtland’s Mechatronics degree you’ll have career-ready skills in an emerging field. No other school in northern Michigan offers comparable mechatronics programs and classes are conveniently located at Kirtland Community College’s M-TEC in Gaylord.

You’ll have hands-on experience with the most current equipment in the industry. Your instructors will share real-world experience with you and make sure you develop skills that will always be in demand as industries continue to redefine how to work smarter and more efficiently to stay competitive in today’s changing global market.

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Because mechatronics combines electronic, mechanical, computer and control skills, there are lots of available, good-paying jobs in schools, hospitals, manufacturing and production facilities throughout northern Michigan.

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