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Information Technology Service (ITS)

How to Contact Us

Kirtland Community College’s ITS Department provides the technological resources and expertise that support the college’s mission of promoting learning, while making technology accessible to our students, faculty and staff.

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Single Sign-On (SSO)
How do I log in?
  • Username: Your Student ID #
  • Password: Your myKirtland Password
What is Single Sign-On? The benefits of Single Sign-On (SSO) are that once you log in, you do not need log in again for certain web applications. This also means that we are working towards a way in which staff and students have one username and password that gives each individual access to all their applications with less hassle. What applications are using Single Sign-On (SSO)? The current applications that are using single sign-on are myKirtland, Kmail, Canvas, and Rave Mobile Safety. In near future we will be setting up NetPartner (Financial Aid), Evergreen (Library Catalog), Library Databases and NoodleTools (Library Works-Cited Software) with SSO. Some things to keep in mind when using SSO If you are accessing an SSO-enabled web app on a computer that is used by the public, make sure to sign out and completely close your web browser when you are done with what you need. If you don’t log out and close, your information may be available to the next person that sits down at the computer you were on.