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KCC announces academic honorees for winter 2011

ROSCOMMON – Officials at Kirtland Community College recently recognized students for their academic achievements during the 2011 winter semester which earned them placement on the college’s dean’s and president’s lists.

To qualify for the president’s list, candidates must be full-time students who earn a grade-point average between 3.8 and 4.0. Dean’s list candidates must have a grade-point average of 3.4 to 3.799.

Also, for the first time, Kirtland is recognizing its part-time students by releasing a new part-time honors list.

“This was actually an initiative of one of our students, which was later approved by the administration,” said Dr. Tom Quinn, president at Kirtland. “Since we serve so many non-traditional and part-time students, we thought this was a wonderful idea.

“After all, not everyone – due to working or family commitments – can attend full time. Yet, these students work just as hard in the classroom and it was time to honor their achievements,” Quinn added.

To qualify for the part-time honors list, students must complete 6 to 11.99 credits with a GPA of 3.50 or higher.

The 2011 winter semester academic honorees include:


Henry Grimes, Afton

Kaitlyn Raver, Alger

Timothy Kubik, Au Gres

Pamela Shannon, Bay City

Rhonda Leazier, Bellaire

Brent Mayes, Central Lake

George Kleiber, Charlevoix

Thomas Vonlinsowe, Cheboygan

Bridgette Salsbury, Comins

William Small, Comins

Titus Brown, Fairview

April Marshall, Fairview

Rick Singler, Fairview

Holly Tompkins, Fairview

Adam Goscicki, Frederic

Gary Graham, Frederic

Tracie VanderPutten, Frederic

Megan Avenall, Gaylord

Brian Bernheardt, Gaylord

Johnny Brammer, Gaylord

Adam Jacobs, Gaylord

Jodi Jameson, Gaylord

Cassie Kayner, Gaylord

Catherine Lamb, Gaylord

James Myler, Gaylord

Melissa Noa, Gaylord

Danielle Powers, Gaylord

Christopher Schultz, Gaylord

Jeremy Scott, Gaylord

George Seder, Gaylord

James Sherman, Gaylord

Kristi Winter, Gladwin

Kelly Adams, Grayling

Jennifer Fiebelkorn, Grayling

Savannah Foguth, Grayling

Jeniffer Garner, Grayling

Kayla Hawes, Grayling

Timothy Moore, Grayling

Kathleen Palmer, Grayling

Megan Reichelderfer, Grayling

Kimberly Reynolds, Grayling

Linzie Schweitzer, Grayling

Nicole VanDeCasteele, Grayling

Susan Walker, Harbor Springs

Calvin Hedrick, Houghton Lake

Charles Johnston, Houghton Lake

Sarah Krohn, Houghton Lake

Carol Littlejohn, Houghton Lake

Gary Roberts, Houghton Lake

Jenifer Sanders, Houghton Lake

James Walls, Houghton Lake

Robert Zwierzelewski, Houghton Lake

Kyle Glanert, Johannesburg

Teri Pruss, Kalkaska

Jesse Edwards, Lake

Robert Montgomery, Lake

Patrick Holt, Levering

Bonnie Wisniewski, Lupton

Wade Coleman, Mio

Casey Holberton, Mio

Angelique Kinyon, Mio

Elizabeth Shea, Mio

Brian Stutesman, Mio

Mark Blandford, Mt. Pleasant

Brian Freeman Omer

Terry Foster, Onaway

Benjamin Pichler, Oscoda

Cody Allerding, Petoskey

Paula Knapp, Petoskey

Carla Reeves, Prescott

Patrick Wren, Prescott

Danielle Balbach, Prudenville

Robert Barnum, Prudenville

John McClellan, Prudenville

Joseph Miracle, Prudenville

Bradley Wymer, Prudenville

Matthew Bolinger, Roscommon

Larry Cavanagh, Roscommon

Frederick Christian, Roscommon

Courtney Foote, Roscommon

Chelsea Genesy, Roscommon

Holly Hammond, Roscommon

Brian Kukla, Roscommon

Sarah Laverty, Roscommon

Robert Luck, Roscommon

Nicholas Montie, Roscommon

Jessie Norton, Roscommon

Jamie Paille, Roscommon

Daniel Schmelzer, Roscommon

Brandy Williams, Roscommon

Linda Marlow, Rose City

Thomas Meir, Rose City

David Warner, Rose City

Jeff DePiero, Sault Ste. Marie

Michelle Clark, South Branch

Alexa Becht, St. Helen

Brandon Brower, St. Helen

Brandy Howe, St. Helen

Deanna Jared, St. Helen

William Lockert, St. Helen

Dakota Main, St. Helen

Michael Richardson, St. Helen

Patricia Sanders, St. Helen

Matthew Varcak, St. Helen

Shawnmichael Williams, St. Helen

Nathan Zettel, St. Helen

Lisa Burch, Standish

Mikal Spreeman, Vanderbilt

Jacob Bodnar, West Branch

Patricia Edwards, West Branch

Michelle Engemann, West Branch

David Fritz, West Branch

Dustin Garchow, West Branch

Julia Kaake, West Branch

Carah Kaniewski, West Branch

Deborah Loar, West Branch

Amanda MacLean, West Branch

Mickey McAfee, West Branch

Noelle McPherson, West Branch

Jody Montague, West Branch

Rachel Reetz, West Branch

James Szwarc, West Branch

Mahgan Vincent, West Branch

Wendy Acord, Whittemore

Bernard Murphy, Whittemore

Sarah Stone, Whittemore




Lisa Talarczyk, Alger

Diane Zierler, Alger

Theresa Maliskey, Au Gres

Jodi O’Neal, Bellaire

Holly Newton, Central Lake

Megan Drake, Cheboygan

William Miller, Cheboygan

Heather Sabin, Cheboygan

Charlie Bouverette, Fairview

Aaron Handrich, Fairview

Jacob Haulotte, Fairview

Alayna Fogal, Falmouth

Zachary Boerema, Gaylord

Hillary Brandenburg, Gaylord

Darrin Case, Gaylord

Joanna Cunningham, Gaylord

Ian Dreywood, Gaylord

April Ludwiczak, Gaylord

Lyndsey Miller, Gaylord

Elizabeth Osborne, Gaylord

Dustin Shoff, Gaylord

Patricia Stewart, Gaylord

Kala Thompson, Gaylord

Chanda Wearing, Gaylord

Dalmain Wheatley, Gaylord

Ashleah Williams, Gaylord

Jannette Paisley, Gladwin

Georgette Rawls, Gladwin

Devon Bobenmoyer, Grayling

Jerrene Bramble, Grayling

Ryan Foguth, Grayling

William Golnick, Grayling

Dustin List, Grayling

Cynthia Mantua, Grayling

Jennifer Summers, Grayling

Ross Teeple, Grayling

Tanner Shellenbarger, Hale

Ahmed Alward, Houghton Lake

Deanna Carpenter, Houghton Lake

Sean Downs, Houghton Lake

Jennifer Klacking, Houghton Lake

Lisa Kosalski, Houghton Lake

Ashley Malcomson, Houghton Lake

Chelsie Roose, Houghton Lake

Denise Smith, Houghton Lake

Bonnie Thompson, Houghton Lake

Deanna Wallington, Houghton Lake

Alyssa Wijas, Houghton Lake

Matthew Marwede, Hubbard Lake

Jonathon Lee, Indian River

Jesse Karbowski, Lupton

Michael O’Dell, Lupton

Bruce Dorsett, Luzerne

Britney Evans, Mio

John Hannah, Mio

Timothy Kurzer, Mio

AnneMarie Starasinich, Mio

Amanda Smith, Omer

Dianna Brown, Onaway

Edward Marx, Onaway

Mary Morrison, Prescott

Ashleigh Schulte, Prescott

Anthony Walls, Prescott

Heather Webster, Prescott

Ethan Bird, Prudenville

Roxanna Chenette, Prudenville

Andrew Seaford, Prudenville

Daniel Tharp, Prudenville

Sierra Thompson, Prudenville

Bradley Whitfield, Prudenville

Kelly Stosio, Rapid City

Tyler Bradley, Roscommon

Terry Defibaugh, Roscommon

Dawn Dominek, Roscommon

Erika Nichols, Roscommon

Nicole St. Denis, Roscommon

Thomas Toledano, Roscommon

Kevin Viguilla, Roscommon

Francis Ward, Roscommon

Jennifer Barber, Rose City

Angela Candelario, Rose City

Heaven-Leigh Snider, Rose City

Edson Souva, Rose City

Gary Haines, St. Helen

Justin Plunkett, St. Helen

Steven Hogg, St. Helen

Kevin Howe, St. Helen

Theodore Kreft, St. Helen

Nick Lademan, St. Helen

Cassandra Patrick, St. Helen

Victoria Pearson, St. Helen

Amanda Tobin, St. Helen

Kimberly Wakefield, St. Helen

Jennifer Simon, Tawas City

Mindy Barber-Thompson, West Branch

Jill Black, West Branch

Bo Bodnar, West Branch

Jessica DeMatio, West Branch

Jason Duquette, West Branch

Stephanie Gildner, West Branch

Cheryl Howard, West Branch

Samantha Hyer, West Branch

Rebecca Jakubowski, West Branch

Cody Lewis, West Branch

Brigid Loar, West Branch

Anthony McArthur, West Branch

Brittany Owens, West Branch

Jill Reetz, West Branch

Dmitry Riegle, West Branch

Michael Shoemaker, West Branch

Amanda Thurlow, West Branch

Christine Tuchel, West Branch

Misty Williams, West Branch

Sharon Pasnik, Whittemore

Kaulana Tyson, Whittemore




Kayla Boger, Alger

Cheryl Lee, Alger

Leslie Ross, Alger

Karen Balcom, Atlanta

Christine Fisher, Atlanta

Stacey Whitt, Atlanta

Justin Haughn, Bellaire

Kevin Kanaziz, Bellaire

Justin Belford, Boyne City

Shawn Kilmer, Boyne Falls

Jason Frolenko, Cadillac

John Sutphen, Caro

Dennis Young, Cedar

David Ruehle, Charlevoix

Ervin Vieau, Cheboygan

Charles Reaid, East Jordan

Gypsy Armstrong, East Tawas

Sara Blust, East Tawas

Jamie Bolen, East Tawas

Marcy Barton, Fairview

Stephanie Beardsley, Fairview

Naomi Gardner, Fairview

Aaron Haskin, Fairview

Katie Jacobs, Fairview

Jennifer Koslakiewicz, Fairview

Kyle Yoder, Fairview

Tammy Dodge, Fife Lake

Melodie Cutchall, Frederic

Renee Wojdan, Frederic

Duane Bennington, Gaylord

Jessica Campbell, Gaylord

Joel Combs, Gaylord

Nisa Curtis, Gaylord

Sandra Enos, Gaylord

Rebecca Gehringer, Gaylord

Paul Gorman, Gaylord

Betty Jo Halbert, Gaylord

Kathryn Jeffers, Gaylord

Jennifer Krol, Gaylord

Kristin Lauer, Gaylord

Shane Lott, Gaylord

Scott Lovelace, Gaylord

Angela MacKay, Gaylord

Sarah Martin-Salyer, Gaylord

Lauren Morrison, Gaylord

Jessica Myers, Gaylord

Michael Needham, Gaylord

Brittany Parker, Gaylord

Jill Robertson, Gaylord

Eugenia Schooley, Gaylord

Zona Simpson, Gaylord

Kristie Smithling, Gaylord

Sunny Stripes-O’Connor, Gaylord

Jill Vermilya, Gaylord

John Vieau, Gaylord

Julie Wheatley, Gaylord

Sarah Zeilinger, Gaylord

Amanda Bennett, Gladwin

Lee Hannah, Gladwin

Harry Johnson, Glennie

Julie Adams, Grayling

Alfred Borchers, Grayling

Brian Borchers, Grayling

Julie Conforti, Grayling

Jason Dasho, Grayling

Amy Dawson, Grayling

Jason Graziano, Grayling

Carrie Herblet, Grayling

Jamie L-Bulley, Grayling

Mathew Latuszek, Grayling

Hailey  McMahon, Grayling

Tabbitha Pelkey, Grayling

John Rioux, Grayling

Michelle Schenk, Grayling

David Shepherd, Grayling

David Shriver, Grayling

Jill Stanley, Grayling

Theresa Van De Ven, Grayling

Cheryl Veres, Grayling

Deanna Wilson, Grayling

Sarah Downs, Hale

Michael Hutchison, Hale

Jason Palmer, Hale

Collin Nimke, Higgins Lake

Chad Elowsky, Hillman

Taylor Noffze, Hillman

Michael Myers, Hope

Mindi Bangert, Houghton Lake

Mary Alice Belsan, Houghton Lake

Sheila Blessing, Houghton Lake

Cody Frantz, Houghton Lake

Chelsi Hayes, Houghton Lake

Michelle Jiles, Houghton Lake

Sarah Killinger, Houghton Lake

John Ledford, Houghton Lake

Elizabeth Medbery, Houghton Lake

Wendy Miles, Houghton Lake

Peter Nicholson, Houghton Lake

Paula Patnode, Houghton Lake

Melissa Pitz, Houghton Lake

Kurtis Shaw, Houghton Lake

Shane Short, Houghton Lake

Kenneth Streeter, Houghton Lake

William Sutton, Houghton Lake

Kimberly Wilhite, Houghton Lake

Travis Yager, Houghton Lake

Christopher Churchill, Houghton Lake Heights

Andrea Randall, Houghton Lake Heights

Patrick Robson, Houghton Lake Heights

Alan Ashton, Indian River

Archie Bellows, Interlochen

Brandon Gorman, Johannesburg

Andrea Munger, Johannesburg

Michael Rahn, Johannesburg

Gerald Gosselin, Kalkaska

Keith Schichtel, Kingsley

Gregory Moyer, Levering

Denise Baum, Lewiston

Terry Boughner, Lewiston

Terri Briske, Lewiston

Kayla Carroll, Lewiston

Justin Covell, Lewiston

Linda Fields, Lewiston

Sarah Fields, Lewiston

Debbie Garrett, Lewiston

Melissa Slater, Lewiston

Diane Sundberg           , Lewiston

Kimberly Landenberg, Lupton

Julie Rose, Lupton

Carrie Durfee, Luzerne

Julie Price, Luzerne

Patricia Sentz, Luzerne

Melissa Wellman, Luzerne

Julie Ziobro, Mancelona

Loralee Kenyon, Merritt

Chantel Blamer, Mio

Mandalin Gray, Mio

Christina Hall, Mio

Teresa Hannah, Mio

Deserae Kaufman, Mio

Kelli Kerschenheiter, Mio

Adam Love, Mio

David Oles Jr., Mio

Nicole Priestley, Mio

Andrew Prominski, Mio

Amy Sheffer, Mio

Sheena Warren, Mio

Dezerae Watson, Mio

Pauline Jordan, National City

Hugh Penfold, Onaway

Tamara Griggs, Oscoda

Bradley Anderson, Petoskey

Stephenie Neubecker, Prescott

Edward Schulte, Prescott

Sondra Vyner, Prescott

Amber Bauknecht, Prudenville

Angela Combs, Prudenville

Laurel Dankert, Prudenville

Linda Evans, Prudenville

Michael Flowers, Prudenville

Renee Gillespie, Prudenville

Steven Hopkins, Prudenville

Michelle Johns, Prudenville

Jillian Orzechowski, Prudenville

Cherie Schrank, Prudenville

Jodie Scroggin, Prudenville

Connie Smith, Prudenville

Kelly Staelgraeve, Prudenville

Mark Stegall, Prudenville

Joshua Storey, Prudenville

Jonathon Sumner, Prudenville

Mickelo Anderson, Roscommon

Dustin Babcock, Roscommon

Katie Baerlocher, Roscommon

Mindy Barkatt, Roscommon

Patrick Beardslee, Roscommon

Dominique Brighty, Roscommon

Amanda Clear, Roscommon

Carla DeLong, Roscommon

Robert Gilliam, Roscommon

Rachel Griffin, Roscommon

Amanda Hamp, Roscommon

Carrie Jordan, Roscommon

Colleen Kimball, Roscommon

Natasha Kress, Roscommon

Marissa Luck, Roscommon

Jennifer MacDougall, Roscommon

Lorri Martin, Roscommon

John McWilliams, Roscommon

Cheyne Morgan, Roscommon

Sara Phillips, Roscommon

Ashley Rach, Roscommon

Gale Robinson, Roscommon

Michael Robinson, Roscommon

Christian Smith, Roscommon

Michael Sowulewski, Roscommon

Brenda Thornton, Roscommon

Willis Waterman, Roscommon

Christa Witfoth, Roscommon

Pamela Carlson, Rose City

Ashley Clason, Rose City

Robert Daley, Rose City

Tara Evans, Rose City

Melissa Goss, Rose City

Tamara Hilts, Rose City

Sandy LaCosse, Rose City

Carrie Ranney, Rose City

Bryan Reasner, Rose City

Kimberly Rivard, Rose City

Monica Steinhauser, Rose City

James Sullivan, Rose City

Megan McKee, South Branch

Jimmy Vance, South Branch

Alexis Barber, St. Helen

Kirstin Bidoul, St. Helen

Jamie Briggs, St. Helen

Eleanor Brockway, St. Helen

Steven Harmon, St. Helen

Erik Hesse, St. Helen

Jamey Rolland, St. Helen

Crystal Scott, St. Helen

Lynn Keeley, St. Helen

Janae Bordeaux, Standish

Markie Hahn, Standish

Kimberly Pross, Standish

Chelsea Hunke, Tawas City

Mark Halvorsen, Traverse City

Trisha Nashatka, Turner

Marcy Langstaff, Twining

Tammy Smith, Vanderbilt

Joshua Tubbs, Vanderbilt

Dana Cosner, Waters

Susan Ruby, Waters

Nicholas Anderson, West Branch

Amanda Barrett, West Branch

Patrick Beasley, West Branch

Whitney Briggs, West Branch

Carley Bruner, West Branch

Tina Casanova, West Branch

Bruce David, West Branch

James Denise, West Branch

Danielle Dillon, West Branch

Jedediah Dowd, West Branch

Janet Engel, West Branch

Thomas Howard, West Branch

Krystian Huizar           , West Branch

Timothy Lambert, West Branch

Samantha Lucas, West Branch

Mark Maisonville, West Branch

Mark McPherson, West Branch

Nichole Middleton, West Branch

Angela Mier, West Branch

Kimberly Peters, West Branch

Rachel Reghi, West Branch

Paige Rhodes, West Branch

Connie Ritz, West Branch

Angelia Roach, West Branch

Joshua Ross, West Branch

Colette Spirdione, West Branch

Crystal Spirdione, West Branch

Jason Tinker, West Branch

Ashley Wiles, West Branch

Kimberly Witherspoon, West Branch

Trevor Zettel, West Branch

Dean Guoan, Whittemore

Patrick Karasch, Whittemore

Sue Sheehan, Whittemore

Kevin Curry, Wolverine

Bradley Long, Wolverine

Annually, more than 3,000 students attend a variety of certificate and two-year degree programs at Kirtland’s four locations – main campus near Roscommon and the Michigan Technical Education Center (M-TEC) in Gaylord, as well as sites in Grayling and West Branch – with the college’s service area including all or parts of Crawford, Oscoda, Ogemaw, Roscommon, Otsego, Kalkaska, Missaukee, Gladwin and Alcona counties, and the surrounding areas.

For more information on Kirtland, visit online at or call 989-275-5000.