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KCC Recognizes 25-Year Faculty Members

Congratulations to Kirtland math instructor Marcell Romancky and automotive instructor Richard “Smoke” Bonk who have been recognized for 25 years of dedicated service at Kirtland!

Marcell started as a student at Kirtland in 1979.  After receiving her bachelor’s degree, Marcell began teaching part-time in the Math Department, worked to complete her master’s degree, became a full-time instructor in 1990, and is currently the Chair of the Mathematics Department.

Marcell has this important message to share with all Kirtland students:

“Since I started out at Kirtland, I would like to tell others who think they cannot achieve a college education:  start at Kirtland, get a focus on what you want to be, and head for the light at the end of the tunnel that will guide you along the way to achieve your educational goals.  Having a career that you enjoy is the most important thing.  Many think that getting rich is the thing you want to do.  Your riches come from enjoying what you do and inspiring others to achieve their goal.  Over the years I have touched lots of students to become more than they ever thought possible.  As long as I teach, I will continue to influence individuals to strive for higher levels than they think they can.”

Congratulations as well for 25 years of service at Kirtland to Automotive Instructor Richard “Smoke” Bonk.  Smoke first set foot on the main campus as part of a surveying crew working on the development of the future site of Kirtland.  He transitioned into the automotive industry and became a part-time instructor at Kirtland in 1984.  Smoke began teaching full-time in 1987 and has been the Automotive Program Director and Lead Instructor for the last five years.

“All I’ve ever wanted to know is that I’ve made a difference in helping someone to improve their life and their livelihood in order to have a better life,” Smoke shared.  In addition, he has been fortunate to have former students come back to Kirtland as part-time instructors.  “It is cool to have former students come to work alongside me and to have the opportunity for these people to teach me things in return.”

Congratulations to Marcell and Smoke!  Thanks for all you do on behalf of the students of Kirtland!