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KCC Student Shares Poetry Collection

Kirtland Community College (Kirtland) graduate Patric Nuttal shared portions of his poetry collection in a special reading at Kirtland’s Roscommon campus on Nov. 21st.  Students and faculty members listened to more than 10 poems, including both early pieces and current works in progress.  The audience enjoyed engaging and interesting dialog from the author between readings as well, in which the author delved into the inspiration behind various works.

Regarding his education at Kirtland, Nuttal shared, “I have great respect for my teachers at Kirtland.  Those were great years and I enjoy coming back when I can.”  When asked by former English instructor Fred Giacobazzi where he sees himself in 10 years, Nuttal replied, “I see myself teaching at a community college.  I went from Kirtland to a 4-year college.  I felt that, at Kirtland, my experience was more fulfilling.  I learned more and was connected with my professors.  That is very important.”

Excerpts from Nuttal’s reading include:

Ten Degrees Past Freezing in a Field Behind the Clinic

It is winter in Kalamazoo. It is a new snow

and new moon and even from the soccer field

I can hear the moans of cars that rub themselves

against the road like drunks having sex in my bed.

If I were driving, I would wind past King’s Highway

into the country to a path were woods have disrupted

the farm land. There would be no light to watch me.

My fingers are frost tipped and lonely. The snow is warm

as I hold it, kiss it, put it into my mouth like i had as a child

on Christmas, believing in some kind of magic or God

or maybe just the cold air that brushed against my cheek.

I don’t know when the lights go out in this city, if they ever do,

but the goal posts shine and the snow sparks orange as i walk home.


The Seminary School on College Ave.

This tower is a bridge paved upward and over high rises

blue with sky and the faded fingers of jetsteam.

This is where the psalms live. Brother dares me to climb it

and hang a banner that says we love you mom over the face

of a clock whose hands won’t stop her from growing older.

When I finish we will lay under the gray clouds, small smudges

against the grass, and watch the nuns go hurly burly across the walk,

pinballs or ghosts stuck in the broken neons of an abandoned arcade.


Nuttal continued his education at WMU after leaving Kirtland.  This was Patric’s first independent reading of his works.

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