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KCC Supports Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Kirtland Community College (Kirtland) is partnering with River House Inc. (RHI) to raise awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault.  Kirtland students, staff and concerned community members will join RHI representatives to remember victims in the state of Michigan who lost their lives to domestic violence in the last year.  The balloon launch will be held at the Kirtland Student Center on Monday, October 17th at 2:00 p.m.  Together, Kirtland and RHI are encouraging people to attend and support not only victims of domestic violence, but also those who are survivors of domestic violence as well.

“Silhouettes of victims who have lost their lives to domestic violence are hanging on the wall of Kirtland’s Student Center.  These are reflective of people who have lost their lives in Northern Michigan in the last year,” says RHI’s Marey Jurkovich.  “However, we are also celebrating survivors – this is a really important part of the remembrance.”

There is a special tree on the Kirtland campus dedicated to remembering both domestic violence victims and survivors.  Part of the October 13 ceremony includes survivors planting flower bulbs around the base of this tree.  “Survivors are a huge part of this,” states Jurkovich.  “This is the cycle of life.  It is important to watch things grow.  That is what survivors do.”

If you would like more information about the Domestic Violence Awareness Balloon Launch, please contact Marey Jurkovich (RHI) at 989-348-3169 or or Sarah Madonna (Kirtland) at 989-275-5000 ext, 242 or