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Kirtland. Celebrating 70 Years.

Anniversaries are a special thing – especially when you’re the one receiving the gifts.  But wait, if Kirtland was established in 1966, there’s something wrong with my math because it doesn’t add up to 70 years that students have been choosing Kirtland to acquire skills and training to prepare for success in the workforce.

Alpena Supply president, Bill Kelly, checks out a new condensing boiler with Kirtland HVAC students Tony Horton, Romelie Reveche and John White.

Alpena Supply president, Bill Kelly, checks out a new condensing boiler with Kirtland HVAC students Tony Horton, Romelie Reveche and John White.

So, if it’s not our anniversary, then why are we excited for someone else?  It’s pretty simply, actually – just ask our HVAC/R students or instructor Mike Carnes.  This Week @ Kirtland, the HVAC/R program at our Gaylord M-TEC location received a generous donation of a condensing boiler to be used for instruction and hands-on training of current and future students in Kirtland’s HVAC/R program from the Gaylord branch of Great Lakes Pipe and Supply, owned by parent company Alpena Supply Company.

Bill Kelly, president of Alpena Supply Company, presented the boiler to a group of Kirtland HVAC/R students, instructors and employees. “As we celebrate our 70th year, this is one of many contributions to our communities in an effort to thank customers for their loyal business over the years,” said Kelly.  “We recognize the quality of Kirtland’s HVAC program and are excited to contribute equipment that will prepare students for the workforce.”

Gaylord’s Great Lakes Pipe and Supply branch manager, Jim Herzer, was interested in the types of equipment Kirtland uses to train its students.  When he assessed our program, he found Kirtland students are training on up-to-date systems and equipment equivalent to what you would find in the field.  “The only equipment Kirtland’s HVAC program was lacking was a condensing boiler,” said Herzer.  “Because we were looking for ways to give back to celebrate our company’s anniversary, making this donation to complement Kirtland’s existing HVAC training equipment was a perfect fit.”

“The condensing boiler represents the newest technology and energy efficiency available in today’s market and is an excellent, hands-on learning tool for current and future students,” adds Laura Percival, Associate Dean of Occupational Programs for Kirtland.  “This piece is really state-of-the-art and employers in the workforce will be excited to find our graduates have experience on equipment representing the future of HVAC.”

Anniversaries are special…even when they aren’t your own.  Kirtland is excited to celebrate Alpena Supply Company’s 70 years of service and accomplishment – and proud to partner with local businesses committed to supporting student success!


To learn more about the programs, advising, testing, financial aid and other services available to students, contact 989-275-5000, extension 284, or visit us online.  And, as always, you are invited to drop in and check us out at, follow us on Twitter at, and like us on Facebook at

Kirtland.  Be the future.