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Kirtland Community College Revs Up at Whittemore Speedway

Kirtland Community College is lighting up the track at Whittemore Speedway on Saturday nights this summer with a very special Limited Late Model (LLM) race car, thanks to Instructor of Automotive Technology, Bob Oakes.

Oakes, who has been an instructor at Kirtland for more than seven years, built his Chevy Monty Carlo LLM from the chassis up with the help of several students over the past two semesters.  The race car, sponsored by Kirtland Community College and driven by Gary Kaiser of West Branch, takes to the track on Saturday nights.  A complete racing schedule can be viewed at

“I enjoy the ability to be creative and to test my ideas against those of others. Racing is a great sport that promotes family and friend involvement.” said Oakes, who has been racing for 18 years.  “The racing community is like a big family.”

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