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Kirtland. Knee High by the Fourth of July.

Anyone who has been around farming in their lifetime may be familiar with the old adage “knee high by the Fourth of July.” This Week @ Kirtland, while our corn isn’t quite that tall, things sure are growing and looking great!

Good things are growing in Kirtland's Community Garden

Good things are growing in Kirtland’s Community Garden

From beans to squash, corn, tomatoes, flowers and herbs, our Kirtland Gardeners sure deserve a pat on the back. Despite water issues – and the fact that summer only started, like, seven days ago (or so it seems) – everything is really starting to sprout thanks to a lot of hard work and determination. Our own Terry Fasbender is the designated Fearless Leader of the Gardening Guild and has done an excellent job prepping the plots for the 12 employees who are planting this summer. And, of course, because this IS Kirtland, people from across campus have been pitching in to make everything fall into place for our first-ever Community Garden.

Stay tuned for farming reports throughout the summer. Of course, some of our gardeners will be taking the fruits of their labor home and some crops are specified for our Student Food Pantry. But, with a good growing season, Terry hopes to host a possible series of Kirtland Farmer’s Markets so those of us who may be lacking a green thumb can still enjoy the fresh produce.

Great job, gardeners!

Great job, gardeners!

Even if you didn’t plant your own garden, make some time to go across the road and take a look around. You will be amazed at the wide variety plants growing in the Kirtland Community Garden.

And don’t fret, it’s not too late to get involved. Calling all weeders – don’t be shy!

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