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Kirtland. Expanding Our Borders.

Never stop learning.  Such a simple statement – but oh so true!  At Kirtland, we’re in the business of changing lives.  Providing training, programming and degrees that give people the tools, the skills and abilities to prepare people for high-demand, high-pay jobs within the workforce.

This all starts with our highly trained, knowledgeable faculty and staff committed to unlocking potential.  Preparing students to be the future.  But is learning only for students?  Not at Kirtland!  It’s also a fundamental practice for our faculty members.  This Week @ Kirtland, our faculty — experts in their fields and committed to igniting a learner’s educational flame — are hitting the road to expand their own professional borders as well.

Kirtland's Gene Frazier is presenting "Engineering Student Involvement" at Lilly Conference in Traverse City.

Kirtland’s Gene Frazier is presenting “Engineering Student Involvement” at Lilly Conference in Traverse City.

Ongoing, relevant and engaging professional development is important no matter what you do or how long you’ve been doing what you love.  Kirtland faculty are off and learning at a variety of conferences, not only learning with other professional colleagues, but also through teaching and sharing their own professional growth experiences.  Isn’t that cool?  Learning isn’t only happening at Kirtland, our faculty are so vested in the importance of learning that they are sharing what they know with educators from across the country.

At the Lilly conference in Traverse City, Kirtland computer instructor Gene Frazier is presenting “Engineering Student Involvement,” which highlights his efforts to engage students and create a more valuable learning experience in the classroom.  With a conference focus on “Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning,” Frazier’s presentation expands on his basic belief that you can’t make students learn, you need to make students WANT to learn.  “We are in the midst of a Paradigm Shift,” says Frazier.  “If we are going to help our students to learn, we are going to have to do something different.”  Giving students the tools and resources to help them achieve success is the message Frazier is sharing with other educators at this year’s Lilly Conference.

Associate Dean of General Education Nick Holton will also be presenting at Lilly on Service Learning, a program Holton has been dedicated to at Kirtland for many years.  In fact, last year, Kirtland’s Service Learning program even won a state-wide Campus-Community Partnership Award for Kirtland’s collaboration and support of Grayling’s River House Shelter.

And, over at the Trends in Occupational Studies Conference, Kirtland faculty has a lot to share with professional colleagues as well.  Mathematics instructor Marell Romancky, OIS instructor Lisa Lashley and Sonography instructor Jim Eastman joined forces to present valuable information on the outcome of a Programs of Study project they’ve recently completed.

In other areas of instruction, welding instructor Mark McCully recently hosted the Northern Michigan Welding Educators for a two-day conference at the Gaylord M-TEC, and science instructor Scott Cochran hosted the MIAAPT (Michigan American Association of Physics Teachers) for a weekend conference on Kirtland’s Roscommon campus.   Looking ahead, science instructor Jennifer Sieszputowski is slated to present on “How to Create a Faculty Learning Community” for her colleagues at the Educational Technology Organization of Michigan (ETOM) Fall Conference, an organization dedicated to the use of instructional telecommunications in higher education with an emphasis on distance learning.

So, as you can see, Kirtland is getting out there teaching and learning in ways you maybe never imagined.  “The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”  I think Dr. Seuss sums it up pretty well, don’t you?

Teaching.  Learning.  Expanding borders.  That’s what’s going on This Week @ Kirtland…and beyond!

To learn more about the programs, advising, testing, financial aid and other services available to students, contact 989-275-5000, extension 284, or visit us online.  And, as always, you are invited to drop in and check us out at, follow us on Twitter at, and like us on Facebook at

Kirtland.  Be the future.