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Kirtland. Food Is Love.

At Kirtland, we’re committed to student success.  In addition to our talented, dedicated faculty and the cutting edge training and degree programs Kirtland offers, another way we strive to support students is through our Student Food Pantry.   This Week @ Kirtland, we’re spreading the love by greatly expanding our Student Food Pantry hours of operation for easier, more convenient student access. 

We Love Our Students Day @ Kirtland Offers Employees, Students Opportunity to Support Student Food Pantry...and much, much more!

We Love Our Students Day @ Kirtland Offers Employees, Students Opportunity to Support Student Food Pantry…and much, much more!

If you haven’t heard, Kirtland’s Food Pantry is here to help students who might need a little extra help now and again.  It can be downright hard to concentrate on your education when your stomach is empty.  Having to make a choice between money for gas or money for food makes it even worse.  So, now it’s easier than ever before to get a little help because the Student Food Pantry is open Monday – Thursday every week when classes are in session.

After opening last year, awareness of the Student Food Pantry has been growing and we see regular donations from faculty, staff…even other students…so Kirtland can continue supporting students through the Food Pantry.  In fact, right now we are in the midst of a head-to-head battle between some fiercely competitive LPN and RN students. 

Under the direction of nursing faculty Nancy Pavelek & Wendy Hillman, Kirtland nursing students are challenging each other to see who can donate the most items based on weight.  Right now, it’s looking like those LPN students really know how to buy some heavy food and they’re edging out RN students with 246.10 versus 221.70 pounds of donations to date.   Can’t wait to see how this epic battle plays out!

And, because we’re all about love this week, we’re looking forward to “We Love Our Students Day” (WLOSD) tomorrow (Wednesday, October 2).  Hey, if the students can wage an epic battle, so can Kirtland’s faculty and staff, right?  In support of our Student Food Pantry and WLOSD, let the challenge hereby be issued to all the Kirtland staffers – bring a non-expired, non-perishable food or toiletries donation to Kirtland’s Student Center tomorrow and the students will buy YOU lunch.  What a great way to show students we care!

Don’t feel left out, Kirtland students…if YOU bring in a food or toiletry donation tomorrow, you will receive an extra entry for free gas card and Kirtland tee-shirt drawings!  That’s a win-win situation for everyone, I’d say.

(Gosh, speaking of love…you are going to LOVE the band playing in our newly updated outdoor picnic/study area and a whole slew of other great drawings and prizes to celebrate Kirtland’s WLOSD tomorrow!  Don’t miss out!!)

Hey, we all can use a little love now and again.  If you’re a student who could benefit from Kirtland’s Student Food Pantry (or if you know someone who might!), spread the word!  Applying for assistance is easy…AND CONFIDENTIAL!  Find the application info at, or call Jo Ann Gave in the Student Services Office at 989-275-5000 ext. 289.

So…we’re spreading love and gathering up some food This Week @ Kirtland.  What a great way to support our students and give a little extra when times get a little tough.  Thanks for caring, Kirtland!

To learn more about the programs, advising, testing, financial aid and other services available to students, contact 989-275-5000, extension 284, or visit us online.  And, as always, you are invited to drop in and check us out at, follow us on Twitter at, and like us on Facebook at

Kirtland.  Be the future.