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Kirtland Student Receives Roscommon DDA Award

Banner Design Selected for Display in Downtown Roscommon

Kirtland Community College graphic arts student Rose White has been selected by the Roscommon Downtown Development Authority for her winning design submission in a spring-themed streetlamp banner contest.  The Roscommon DDA, under the direction of Jim Anderson, approached Kirtland in February and collaborated to sponsor a design contest with a prize of $100 for the winning entry.  White’s design, which depicts a Kirtland’s Warbler on a pine branch, will be printed on banners and will hang from lamps lining the streets of downtown Roscommon.

White, a resident of West Branch, is excited to have her design selected as the contest winner.  “I love Kirtland’s graphic arts program and really enjoyed the chance to submit my work to the DDA,” said White.  Adding, “I have two semesters left before getting my degree.  I am considering pursing a degree in website development as well.”

Roscommon DDA board member Jim Anderson added, “We enjoyed the opportunity to solicit participation from the students and have some ideas for future contests down the road.  We’d like to see what projects we can get Kirtland art students involved with on an even bigger scale.”

White’s design was selected from five overall submissions.  The new banners will be on display along the streets of Roscommon as soon as the production process is complete.