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Key Points & Important Dates

Funding for Fiscal Year 2015:

The Grant deadline is October 15, 2014 for Round 1 and February 2, 2015 for Round 2.

For Projects beginning in the Period:

January 1, 2015 through Sept. 30, 2015 (See Arts Projects Guidelines or POD Guidelines)

Who Can Apply:

Michigan Non-Profit organizations for arts/cultural projects (Note: special requirements apply for universities or colleges)

How Much Can be Requested:

Up to $ 4,000 on a 1:1 cash and/or in-kind matching basis for Arts Projects grants and up to $1,500 on a 25% cash and/ or in-kind matching basis for Professional or Organization Development grants.

Match can be cash and/or in-kind (value of donated goods/services) No more than half the cost of the project can be requested. No more than 1 minigrant may be funded in a fiscal year.

Funds be Used For:

Exhibits, performances, readings, workshops, festivals, pow-wows, art activities for students; other arts and cultural activities

Funds Cannot be Used For:

Non-arts/cultural activities, capital expenses, purchase awards, cash prizes, food and beverage for receptions, historical reenactments, fundraising activities

Application Evaluation:

Each evaluation is discussed, evaluated and scored according to the Minigrant review criteria, by a panel representing different parts of the region or areas of discipline.

Total of 100 points (see pages 9- 10 of program guidelines)

Minigrant Review Criteria:

Project Description, Management & Feasibility: 30 pts.

Artistic/ Cultural Merit: 35 pts.

Community Impact: 20 pts.

Project Budget: 15 pts.

Other Information:

Grant funds may arrive after the project begins

Your project start and end dates include planning & follow-up

All projects must end by September 30, 2010

Final Report must be submitted 30 days following project

Panel decisions regarding Minigrants may not be appealed

Required Attachments:

Project Narrative; Budget Itemization; Proof of Non-Profit Status; Board of Directors List; Project Director’s Resume; Artists’ Resumes; Current Letters of Support; Organization’s Profile. Optional Attachments: Support Materials.