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Online Learning

ONLINE LEARNING: We’re online, but our on-campus office is located in the Instructional Center (INS)

Phone: (989) 275-5000, ext. 500 | Email:


Marcia Schick, Teaching and Learning Liaison
(989) 275-5000, ext. 500

Greg Sieszputowski, Director of Center Teaching/Learning
(989) 275-5000, ext. 423

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Emails sent to are usually responded to within 24 hours or less, 48 hours maximum.

Forward your education without going anywhere! Online courses at Kirtland make it possible! Get an online degree or certificate from Kirtland Community College.

Kirtland Community College online students love:

  • Flexibility
  • Freedom
  • Coursework after work — or after the kids have gone to bed

Kirtland online classes allow you to:

  • Stay home and study
  • Learn on your terms
  • Skip the “drive and sit”
  • Chat with classmates wherever you want
  • Email instructors when you make time

Kirtland’s online class instructors will give you all the support you need and build a relationship that will allow you to earn your:

  • Degree
  • Certificate
  • Courses to transfer

Kirtland Community College is one of the few colleges in the country that offers complete online science classes with labs you can use anywhere.

Every one of Kirtland’s online instructors has at least a decade of experience teaching online courses.

Register today (from the comfort of your computer) and take that next step toward:

  • More money
  • A new career
  • A better you

Relax! Kirtland will teach you how to use the web study tools you need before the course including the discussion board, live chat and download.

Online Learning Links

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Student online self-assessment survey
(used to gauge your readiness for online learning)


Online learning YouTube channel

Michigan Community College Virtual Learning Collaborative

Title III Grant

“Online education is a leg up to the common person trying to further their education and pursuits. I would encourage anyone, because education costs are going up and given our economy, especially people with families, to take courses online.”

— Bryan, Kirtland online student

NOTE: Online degree programs may be completed by taking a combination of classes through Kirtland Community College and the Michigan Community College Virtual Learning Collaborative, allowing students to get their degree completely online from Kirtland Community College while paying Kirtland’s very affordable tuition rates.

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