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e-Cashier Automatic Payment Plan

To help you meet your educational expenses, Kirtland Community College is pleased to provide a monthly payment plan offered through Nelnet Business Solutions. Instead of paying your tuition bill in one lump sum, you may budget your tuition and fees for up to four months. e-Cashier is not a loan program, so there is no debt incurred, no credit search, and no interest or finance charge assessed on the unpaid balance. The sooner you register for classes and begin your payments, the smaller your monthly payments will be.

How e-Cashier Works

Budgeting with Nelnet is affordable and convenient. Students with a minimum balance of $100 can enroll for the payment plan. When you enroll, you are simply authorizing Nelnet to automatically process tuition payments from your financial institution or to make monthly charges to your credit card.

The only cost to budget monthly payments through e-Cashier is a $30.00 per semester non-refundable enrollment fee. All payments will be processed on the 5th of each month and will continue until the amount due to Kirtland is paid in full. You may budget your tuition one of two ways:

Automatic Bank Payments (ACH)

With this option, there’s no more hassle of writing and checks by the due date or having to pay in person to avoid a late fee. Your financial institution will make these payments on your behalf, from either your checking or savings account, based on the information you provide on your e-Cashier agreement.

Credit Card Payment

Many students have requested this option in order to take advantage of various bonus programs offered by their credit card company. Nelnet accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. If you elect this option, your monthly payment will automatically be charged to the credit card you designate.

How to Enroll for e-Cashier

The online application makes it easier than ever to enroll and takes very little time. Once you are registered for classes, decide if you want to make your payments to Nelnet via automatic bank payments or credit card. Following is a list of information you will need to complete the agreement:

Automatic Bank Payments

Student ID Number & myKirtland password
Name, Address, and e-mail of the person responsible for making the payments
Bank Name & telephone number
Bank Account number
Bank Routing number

Credit Card Payments

Student ID number
Name, Address, and e-mail of the person responsible for making the payments
Credit card number
Expiration date

After registering for classes, you may complete the online application using your home computer. Computers are also available to students in the Student Financial Services lobby or in the Computer Lab in the Administration Building. Simply log into myKirtland. Once you are logged in, click on the Student tab. Go to the Account Detail window, verify the semester, click submit. Then, click the e-Cashier icon at the very bottom of the page and follow the on screen instructions. Follow the process by selecting the “Proceed” button at the bottom of each page. You will need to key in the amount owed so the payments can be automatically calculated according to the payment schedule selected. Before you click the submit button, please carefully read through the Final Review and the Terms and Conditions. If a valid e-mail address is provided, an immediate acknowledgement will be sent confirming your enrollment through e-Cashier.

Depending on when you enroll, a down payment may be required. The down payment will be processed immediately according to the payment method you have selected.

e-Cashier Payment Schedule

Summer 2015 Semester

Students Registering for Classes...e-Cashier
Application Due
Required Down PaymentInstallments:
5th Day of Each Month
March 30 - May 4May 430%June & July
May 5 - May 23Day of Registration30%June & July
May 24 - June 24Day of Registration50%July Only

Fall 2015 Semester

Students Registering for Classes...e-Cashier
Application Due
Required Down PaymentInstallments:
5th Day of Each Month
March 30 - July 2July 2noneJuly - November
March 30 - August 3August 3noneAugust - November
August 4 - August 27Day of Registration25%September - Nov
August 28 - Sept 24Day of Registration40%October & Nov

Winter 2016 Semester

Students Registering for Classes...e-Cashier
Application Due
Required Down PaymentInstallments:
5th Day of Each Month
November 2 - Dec 14December 1420%January - April
December 15 - Jan 27Day of Registration25%February - April
January 28 - Feb 25Day of Registration40%March & April

In case of a missed payment, a $30 missed payment fee will automatically be deducted from your account within 20 days. The tuition installment will be reattmepted on the 20th of the month. Missed payment fees are payable to Nelnet for each payment attempt that is missed. Your bank or credit card company may also assess a fee. You will be notified by Nelnet of the missed payment via the email provided on your e-Cashier application.

Should your down payment fail, Nelnet will notify you that your agreement has been terminated. You will be instructed to reenroll through e-Cashier or pay in full directly to Kirtland Community College.

e-Cashier FAQ

If payments are made automatically from my bank account or processed to my credit card, does that mean Nelnet Business Solutions or Kirtland has direct access to my account?

No one other than your own financial institution and you ever has access to your account. When you arrange to have an automatic payment through e-Cashier, you have authorized a specific payment amount to be paid on a specific date by your bank.

Will Nelnet Business Solutions disclose any personal information to a third party?

No. Nelnet acts as an agent for institutions in administering their payment plans. It is the policy of Nelnet to protect all personal and financial information provided to us by all participants. Nelnet does not sell or share any nonpublic personal information or client lists to any third party, except as agreed to by you, or as may be necessary to complete a transaction in the ordinary course of business, or as required under an applicable law.

How will I be notified of my payment information?

Once your agreement is posted to the e-Cahier system, you will receive a confirmation notification of your payment amount by e-mail or letter. The notification has important information, such as your Access Code, you must have to log on to your e-Cashier Account.

What is the Access Code?

To help protect your privacy, Nelent asks the responsible party to create an access code. If you should contact Nelnet via phone or the Web concerning your agreement, you will be required to verify your Access Code. If you do not create this code on your application, one will be randomly assigned to you.

When and what time will the funds be withdrawn from my bank account?

Nelnet specifies the date each payment will occur but it’s up to your financial institution to determine the time of day the payments is debited. We recommend you check with your financial institution to determine how far in advance funds should be deposited into your account to insure the payment clears.

If I receive financial aid after enrolling, will Nelnet continue to make payments on my behalf?

If there is a balance remaining on your student account after the financial aid is applied, Nelnet will continue to process the payments (possibly a reduced payment) on your behalf until Kirtland Community College is paid in full. However, if the financial aid is equal to or greater than your expenses, Kirtland Community College will notify Nelnet that you are no longer required to make payments.

If I make changes to my schedule, do I have to notify Nelnet?

Changes to your e-Cashier agreement can only be made by Kirtland. If the balance changes due to adding or dropping classes, the installment amount will automatically be updated by Student Financial Services.

What happens if the payment date is on a weekend or holiday?

If the payment date falls on a weekend or banking holiday observed by the Federal Reserve, the payment will be attempted on the next business day. Although Nelnet specifies the date each payment will occur, it is the responsible party’s financial institution that determines the time of day the payment is debited to the account.

What if I want to pay off the balance early?

You would need to remit payment to Student Financial Services at least 5 days prior to your next payment date, in order to have the agreement canceled.

If I drop out of all my classes, what happens to my agreement?

If you drop during the refund period, the college will notify Nelnet to cancel the agreement. If you drop classes after the refund period has ended, you will be responsible for the balance remaining on the account. Nelnet will continue to make payments on your behalf.